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    Dear B,

    I know that dream characters are aspects of myself, but couldn’t we say the same about life ones?

    The last time I dreamt of you with actually seeing your face was before I last wrote to you. The whole dream I was trying to make you look at me. There were your sisters guarding you, making me feel like you’re not my bussines. You did look at me for a brief moment – you looked sad, lifeless and unable to help me. I cried the whole week after that, for you for me. The area around my heart still hurts litteraly.

    I think I’m finally starting to let my illusions of you go out of my psyche, out of my mind. At least thats what my dreams are suggesting. The other night I had a series of dreams of strangers invading my home, and I had the courage and clear mind and heart to tell them to leave. There was a girl crying about being misunderstood, showed me some writings, journal like, I could read it (it was quite a conscious dream) still remember how it looked. I let her cry while hugging her, told her this is my home and she can’t stay here.
    Then there was a guy in the other room. He was broken too, didn’t want to go home to his father – we drank together from a minibar bottle some alcohol I’ve never tried before, I tasted vividly its strong taste, it felt so good and so wrong but liberating. I made him go home too.

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