• definitely Never

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    You’re getting engaged soon. I’m so beyond happy for you. I love her and you guys are going to be so happy. The two of you are so right for one another. I wish I could be there to see you propose.
    I wish that my happiness wasnt coupled with a sense of loss.
    I wish I didn’t continue to dream about you.
    What difference does it make anyway? We met too late. The cards were played long before we ever even knew each others names.
    I chose who I chose and I will continue to choose through whatever he throws at me next because well, I gave my word that I would. Those vows are binding.
    You’re going to be planning a wedding. You’re going to be a groom. When I walk down the aisle toward you I will do my best not to feel a catch in my throat as I turn and walk to the side, stand with the other bridesmaids, and watch her take her place rightly beside you.
    In another universe things went differently. In another universe I stood up for myself and wasnt so nieve. In another universe we’re holding hands, laughing and telling people the story of how we met, and the ring on my finger…is yours.

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