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    you know, you really infuriate me. and what infuriates me is that sometimes i find myself wishing that you weren’t so infuriating and that you were the person you used to be who could make me laugh and smile. do you remember all the inside jokes that we made??? i know you do. i’m 100% sure that you do and i know that you care. but do you really. do you. you probably don’t. you’re so self absorbed that you wouldn’t care if i came to you and told me about an astronomical change or accomplishment in my life. “okay” isn’t enough. do you remember when we were laying in your bed and i couldn’t help myself and then i kissed your lips and you giggled and you kissed me back? and we kissed several more times? we weren’t together but we were more than friends but for a while we couldn’t even say “i love you” like we always did. but then we were best friends again and later on we started falling for each other. but i never got to kiss you like i once did and like i wanted to because you suddenly decided i wasn’t worth it or something like that. maybe you were scared because i’m a girl and so are you. but you made it seem like you didn’t care at all. and now you have someone and i have no one and ??? how is this fair???? how is this fair at all. i hate you but i miss you and i miss what we were. IT WAS NEVER REAL ANYWAY.

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