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    So I was 3 years old back then when I remember the fight my parents had. My older sister was sick and my dad said that he’s gonna make my sis lay naked on floor and then do some spiritual healing. This was not right so I asked my mum what to do and she told me how I get rid of my sister, I should do the same with him so I bit his hand. He got angel and started hitting my mother and ran to her with a knife.
    We started screaming and my grandma n uncle came and soon the police arrived.
    Since then (i’m 18 now) life’s been unpleasant. I’ve been working hard nd so has my mum to raise us alone. I’ve been studying so I can earn but I quit this college because they wanted some bribery which we couldn’t afford. So it’s been a year now and in 3 months I might join some place else.
    Last year I got diagnosed with severe depression and got on anti deps. It’s been real hard since then. My sister has been blaming me for 7 years now that I cause troubles between my mother and her. My mother remarried in this time to an old man. He has big daughters and a son. They’ve been rough to us and at one point even tried to plan that my mother is mad n needs to go to hospital but we heard it and started living separately.
    I’ve been sincere with my sister ever since I can remember I don’t wish ill for her and I always put her first but as we’re going older I’ve realised that she thinks of herself first and blames me for everything. You see guys I stay at home all day because I can’t go out because we don’t have much money. So I wait for them to get home in evening from college and office and then every single day a fight occurs and somehow or the other my sister always blames me. I’ve decided to live in a hostel because of them. I tell them that I can’t take these fights and I’m very suicidal but my sister says that don’t blame us and that you’re in depression because of yourself. I don’t have a life and my family hates me so im thinking to go this horrible university hostel where I’ll be sharing a small room but 6 people and it’s in another city. I can’t wait for 3 months because I think my family cant take me anymore.. (oh and I’ve been abused by females and Ima girl so sharing a room with 6 females gonna be real difficult but hey I gotta leave right?)

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