• Bad news again

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    Not for me, for you, well i think it is, i can’t without revealing too much, say what it was, but i am writing here, as i do every month at least once now, so that in a year, two years, ten years or 50, when i get the chance to tell you again how i love you, you can see if you want, that i did, i wasn’t just saying it.
    Readers may wonder what i mean, well you know we ended our friendship, not by mutual choice, it was yours, after i told you once.
    I made a decision then that has been good in some ways, bad in others.
    The point is, i will be able one day maybe, i hope, to tell you again.
    Of course you could and likely will be married or with someone, have forgotten me or not care in the least but you see i want you to know how wonderful you are.
    The last bad news for you i heard upset me to think how you felt, if you were sad,angry,or depressed or whatever non positive emotion.
    I wanted to be there to say, to hell with them all, you’re better than them.
    Now, for whatever reasons, others are letting you down, turning away from you.
    I don’t care for their reasons because like i said to you, always i am going to love you, that means never turning away from you or rejecting you.
    I want to tell you face to face but i can’t, so the anonymity gifted provides the chance and one day maybe i will be able to prove it if you doubt the passing years did not diminish my love.
    You are perfect, you are amazing.
    Just that you are is a reason to be happy, not for you, but for everyone who knows you. They say one in a million, that doesn’t apply to you, there isn’t anyone like you in ten million or hundred million.
    You deserve to be happy, i wish that you could have all your dreams come to life.
    I should wish for you to love me, i should wish for a night with you, and i do, but if i had just one wish for real, i would wish you everything you ever needed and wanted to be wonderfully happy and the best life you could ever want.

    I am selfish, i would like you to know i wished it for you, but other than that selfish bit, i would put you before me, because that is how it should be.
    Well i hope you are more angry than upset, i hate to think of you tearful and me unable to wipe those tears away.
    Never forget this, you are more beautiful than the sunrise over a spring meadow with the most brightly coloured birds singing and the sweetest scent of the flowers, there is no angel that compares, you are more than that, all that makes you is wonderful and amazing.
    No matter what is between us, believe this, you are amazing, you are a good woman, please don’t be sad on account others don’t see it.
    So please believe in yourself, you are my angel even if you don’t want to be. You are perfect even if others try to make you think you’re not.

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    9 Responses to Bad news again

    1. Just Saying....
      November 2, 2014 at 3:13 pm

      They / I could be dead by then…what then?


    2. stranger
      November 3, 2014 at 3:19 am

      Where r u from honey?


    3. Author
      November 3, 2014 at 4:47 am

      Then my heart will be broken even more than it is. I told them how i felt, and maybe it was because i am not good looking enough, maybe for some other reasons, but they not only rejected me, they don’t want me to even speak to them any more.
      I did think at one point it was because they thought it was fake, if for a second i thought they wanted me if they knew i truly do love them absolutely and unconditionally, i would be there in a heartbeat.
      But life doesn’t work that way.
      It is bad enough like i say to hear the bad things that happen wishing i could hold her, tell her i care, i am always going to be beside her through the worst that can happen, all i want is to be able to be the reason for that smile, to make her happy.
      You say i/they well i doubt you are they, if you were, well then tell me this, why did you reject me?
      But she wouldn’t even know this site exists.
      On the miracle you were, well why did i tell you what i did anyway? Because i wanted you to know that someone loved you always and no matter what. Not so i would have you or so that i could do you, so that you could keep in your heart the fact that someone holds you as so precious and would do anything for you.
      I think of you every day and would be happy just to go back about a year and then i’d keep quiet and be glad to still have you around.
      Anyway, things are the way they are, i have accepted it, i will never forget, and will if you are still around, let you know one last time. I do hope you find someone who loves you like i do. The ones who let you get away, who didn’t make the effort, who didn’t make you their world, they lost the most wonderful amazing woman and they are stupid, at least i never could have had you, they did and threw it away. Well anyway, good luck and may your life be happy i’ll be loving you to the time i no longer have awareness of you


    4. Anonymously
      November 3, 2014 at 4:58 am

      This is for me… I can feel it ?



    5. Author
      November 3, 2014 at 11:09 am

      @ Stranger i’m not from States
      @ Anon Is that last letter meant to be your initial or mine, or not an initial at all?


    6. Just saing
      November 3, 2014 at 4:42 pm

      No, I can honestly say no I’m not yours. I had this also happen to me bit luckily when I let them go I found my forever. That doesn’t mean I stopped thinking or feeling much the same way you feel but allowed myself to move on so I could be loved and I can love another! They will be the same in my heart and who ever knows… Maybe when I’m old and our other loves have passed perhaps we’ll meet again?! Just live and love yourself! You deserve it!


    7. Anonymously
      November 3, 2014 at 6:11 pm

      Initial to the nickname he gave me. Even if it isn’t “you”, It’s still what I needed to hear from “him”.


    8. Author
      November 5, 2014 at 8:23 am

      Just saing-Maybe is what i hold to also, i tried to let go and it burns still in me i can’t, maybe because they are near in a way but i am unable to speak to or be around them. But maybe maybe one day. Till then i try to make another one happy for them, whilst i go on stumbling through every day.

      Anon- Sad to say that then it isn’t me, wishes eh? It would be so nice if we were for each other. Anyway, all the best to you both. Hope we all get to the clear free part and a new love, a completion of us with a new soul. We can hope until then. Just press on every day, one at a time.


    9. A guess
      November 20, 2014 at 8:32 am


      B stands for Babylicious..?



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