• a beautiful lie

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    It’s actually quite hard to write but I want you to know that from the very first time I met you I fell deeply in love with you blue green eyes and your blonde hair, you cute laugh, I fell in love with how intelligent and cute you are but it was all a lie, after I had gotten attached to you I found out that you aren’t the person you pretend to be but I still loved you and I still do love you but I have to let you go because you have hurt me in countless ways and the day you hit me I was devastated but I still continued to love you and support you…I was basically your lap dog….I was so whipped that I would do anything you requested and after all of those times when you hurt me you never apologized but I decided to forgive and apologize to you for making you mad just so you wouldn’t leave me but now I understand and I’m setting you free…it’ll be hard but you have put me in an emotional turmoil and I have to recover but the only way to do it is to be without you…..I love you but you don’t love me and you never did….I’m sorry I fell for you….you were my first love but you won’t be the last……goodbye my love

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    1. @Author
      November 1, 2014 at 8:12 pm

      This person hit you…that’s terrible:/



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