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    Have you ever?

    by  • November 1, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 5 Comments

    Have you ever felt you had no other choice but to move on, yet still hold on to hope consciously or unconsciously? How has this affected you in the present? Related Post I Deserve Better. your game… What is love?

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    a beautiful lie

    by  • November 1, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Letting Go • 1 Comment

    It’s actually quite hard to write but I want you to know that from the very first time I met you I fell deeply in love with you blue green eyes and your blonde hair, you cute laugh, I fell in love with how intelligent and cute you are but it was all a lie,

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    not necessary to say, but i do it anyway

    by  • November 1, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 7 Comments

    You don’t want to listen, you think you know everything and afterwards you complain that things turn out the way you wanted them to be. That makes me selfish? Well, maybe I should remind myself, that you didn’t know what you want. You planned things for every potential outcome. Always trying to keep control. P.S.-

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    sometimes i wonder

    by  • November 1, 2014 • * Safe for Work * • 3 Comments

    Do you still care? Do you miss me at all….your silence is just as incrimanating as you anger in more ways then one. Related Post …Will We Ever Be Together… i just don’t even know anymore. stickles and awkward moments

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