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    and nobody is asking anyone to read it, and nobody cares about anyone’s opinion. I’m mostly just concerned with my opinion. Don’t read it, don’t comment, don’t complain, don’t hate. I don’t give a shit if you think I’m wrong. and I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m right, it’s how i feel and how things are for me. there’s no right or wrong.
    for months we all heard mr wonderful and his sidekick buttpimple’s opinion. probably not a good start huh?

    I don’t understand any of this. I left you alone for 3.5 years. For some reason you keeps forcing yourself back into my life.
    Ordinarily I don’t care what people think about me, but there is one thing worse than people knowing you have been sexually abused, it’s people thinking you’re making it up.
    Nobody gains anything from telling people you were sexually abused, well other than that little lying weasel Patsy. I don’t talk about it a lot. The only reason I told patsy was because he went on and on how upset he was because he was sexually abused. I thought I could help him. I felt for him, I thought he was hurting.
    I never showed anyone the videos and kept it mostly inside.
    boo took my dignity then, he’s not taking it again. Nobody needs to see this, nobody should ever know about it. I couldn’t even imagine the damage this would do to my kids.
    But unfortunately I made another mistake, I trusted the wrong person. And with the help of another psychopath he was well coached. Patsy said all the right things. I spent fucking hours listening to him. well that was time well spent.
    And since I apparently abused boo boo it was ok for tiny boo to abuse me. Try explaining it to someone? It’s so ludicrous I’m not believing it. Not only did boo boo humiliate and abuse me for years, he took the abuse used it against me. I gotta hand it to him, he’s a devious genius.

    you guys can hate me all you want and judge me as much as you need to. But there is something seriously wrong with all of you. When a person tells you they were abused you offer support, friendship, and empathy. You don’t go and abuse someone else.

    For the last 3 years I went to work and then home. I had no desire to meet anyone. Until of course boo boo forced all of you on me.

    Ok so he lost his job. boo fucking hoo. this may actually be the first time he had to pay for something he did. He never gave a shit about anything anyone of us lost. and everyone tom has ever met has lost plenty.
    give it time. I”m not worried. yeah yeah, I’m an asshole. and before we get the pitchforks and torches let’s remember who posted the pictures of himself online.

    He says I’m stalking him? oh god.. for? to ruin his life? because I’m crazy? yes, sure.. because that’s why he posted 30 pictures of me on a porn site a few months ago and that’s when all of this started.
    I’m sure he’s got an explanation, i don’t really care.. He’s demented.

    and nobody gives a shit if you all drink the koolaid. I have no stake in how many friends he has.. and you can hate me. again i don’t care. but you don’t get to abuse a person just because someone tells you they were hurt.
    I”m not saying I’m perfect by any means but anytime I come at someone I do it straight up. so if I did the things he said I did he should have gotten a restraining order or had me arrested. Unfortunately there is no restraining order for people who after 3 years post pictures of you on a porn site and then recruit mini mengele to abuse you some more Not in a million years would I be able to come up with any of this. I don’t even have the energy to explain it to people it’s that ludicrous.

    After I found all of those pictures, I did nothing. well they’re removed but I could and probably should have gone to the police for him posting those. But who needs that? And nobody needs to see the pictures of him I don’t want anyone to see those. It’s fucking embarrassing. And I didn’t want them to be part of a public record.
    I asked him 15 times to talk to me and to stop this before I dropped all of this off at the DA’s office. It’s humiliating. Now they have 30 pictures of me, his ex wife, his best friend’s ex-wife. And the coup de grace those unfortunate pictures of him. I can’t even imagine his kids ever seeing those. It makes me physically ill even considering that.
    But what you all seem to overlook is that he posted those pictures of all of us on a porn site. Yeah I was fucking pissed. It’s humiliating and I hope both of our kids are going to do amazing things with their lives. Nobody needs those pictures to come out.It was painful enough explaining to everyone what this fight is about.
    We both have boys, they have nothing better to do than go on porn sites.

    What most people don’t get is that boo boo, doesn’t get off on the sex or the blowjobs. He gets off on humiliating you. Hence the porn site. Whatever you think of me.. go with it, we’re never going to be bffs. But he posted pictures of the mother of his children. come on..

    ok I went on for much longer than I meant to and I assume nothing good will come from it.

    boo boo according to you I fall a lot because I’m a drunk. Ok.. fine..and apparently I turned everyone against you. OK. Because anyone in your family or anyone you know particularly liked me.
    But there is one thing I can’t fake. You.
    I can’t fake the videos of you. You always manage to speak for yourself. You can continue and lie about me, it aint nothing new. But eventually everyone is going to see what you’re about. I’m not going to do what you do and post and trash you online. But it will be there when we go to court over this. It will be worse for me than for you. what you don’t realize is that I don’t enjoy this., I don’t like this.. You and your pocket sized friend just trashed the shit out of me. And it’s not anything new to me since you did this when were living together. why? so people I don’t know hate me? knock yourself out, but let me ask you something, why do you have to beat the shit out of my kids? Is that reasonable to anyone? the last time you interacted with my kids austin was 14 and marty was 18 . so it makes complete sense for you to bad mouth them. and the 2 inch caligula never met my kids so I don’t even know what the fuck he’s talking about,

    you have abused me for so long. and you are still doing it. and you manage to abuse me with prior abuse.
    at some point I gotta say to myself fuck this shit. maybe it’s time everyone knows what you’re really about. boo boo can only keep his shit together for a limited time. has it been 3 months already? He can probably go a little longer because he wants something. I can only imagine how fucking mad he is. Oh yeah forget imagine, I’m the object of his wrath. the problem is that you don’t care about anyone but yourself. otherwise you wouldn’t have posted pictures of your kids’ mom.
    How long are you going to do this? considering I know it’s you you’re kinda done.. man that must piss you off. your perfect plan! ok that’s funny, you know why? because you need people to know that you’re fucking them over, how else do they know you’re smarter than them?

    I’m not trying to sound patronizing or preachy because god knows I do stupid shit all the time.But I think you’re going to have to let this go. I know what’s going to happen and you know what’s going to happen, and we’re all going to get hurt. Let it go. I’m not worried about myself. I considered any and all of my actions and I’m well aware of any consequences. I’ll deal with it like I usually do. We’ve been at this for 8 years now, everyone around us got sucked in and hurt.
    you go your way, I go my way, we get mutual restraining orders and we live happily ever after. You can always revisit this revenge plot later on.
    and to answer one of your statements, no i’m not shaking in my boots. you have literally done anything anyone can ever do to another person, and what you have been doing now is so far out of the realm of what normal people do.
    dude, you won, you fucked me. so take your tiny napoleon and move on. he’ll still be here in 5 years. hateful people like the two of you never get anywhere.
    actually I”m really looking forward to either one of you explaining how I used to text with you instead of him. well you got this. there were so many times I said this asshole is just like tom.. hahahahah it’s because I was talking to tom. well that would explain why pipi had a sense of humor every so often and was actually funny. But for someone who can rip the gold teeth out of someone’s mouth your puny dr mengele sure as shit can’t take it. well neither can you, just you don’t show it. until one day you find yourself in a tub filled with ice missing a couple of kidneys. did you guys ever consider not stabbing people in the back? never mind, stupid question.

    that’s the problem with you narcissists, you think everyone deserves what they’re getting and you’re completely dumbfounded when people don’t take it.
    oh you fucking haters climb off my back,I know he’s perfect. and i got everything I deserved blah blah blah.. because clearly all of you are going to be self effacing when you talk about your feelings.
    obviously dispatching his anorexic goebels to have a relationship with me is completely normal.. wait, I take that back, I”m disgusting and that wasn’t the goal was it? He was supposed to set my phone to back up everything. Unfortunately for the little guy I never let go of it so he had to suffer ..I’m very sorry for that Patty. More than you will ever know.
    boo boo, how do you find these people? i can’t even get anyone to get me a soda. If i don’t like someone I don’t even want to talk to them never mind spend days with them.
    I get being nice to someone because you have to, but to spend days with someone, tell them you love them, just so you can hurt them is so beyond my comprehension. . boo boo bear the puppet master.. If your pint-sized Himmler wasn’t such a fucking asshole I would actually feel bad for him. He has no idea does he? It’s so adorable when they think they’re special. and after everything he did for you. well you probably blame it on me somehow and then instead of hating you he will hate me..
    wait I actually got this.. in my case he would just make me deliriously happy. he would do anything to get me to that high. then when you cant think straight, he yanks the fucking bottom right out under you. It comes to a dead stop. if he wants you to do something it’ll be like i’m unhappy because … and there is nothing you won’t do to fix that so you get to be deliriously happy. If he doesn’t want you to do anything, that’s it. it’s turned off like light and that’s it.. well patsy should be ok with that because he can do the same thing. but I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, he’s going to stop interacting with you and then he’s going to say it’s because of me. nothing you do, or say will change the outcome. you know kind of with you and I. well, let it be said, you guys can get married for all I care..
    when it happens can I come over and see that dumbfounded look on your face? This might be the first time I enjoy it. I probably wouldn’t, but I do love it so when tom proves me right.
    Nobody can ever be saved from him. We all believe we’re special. and it rips out your fucking heart. But since you don’t have any real feelings you’ll be ok you pintsized clown. It’s been how long now? 3 months give or take? well he’s highly pissed off, very isolated, no job,and feeling sorry for himself. The more I talk the more pissed off he’s going to get. You know boo boo, your best friend stuck with even when you fucked his ex wife, in his house, several times. I guess you should have stopped there. but he’s a good guy, he’s not going to hold a grudge. and you have your family. i know as much as you wee wee to other people, nobody is fucking with your family. I have called your sister, and I told her we had a fight and I need you to stop. She’s the only one you actually respect and listen to.

    ok so anyhow I got distracted from my point.. he’s been at this for a little over 3 months or whatever.. he’s highly stressed and agitated. I would expect him to flip out any time soon. Unless of course he finds his situation hopeless at the moment. then I gotta make myself comfortable, i’ll be in it for the long haul.oh geez. to be honest you’re the first person I regret meeting and the mere thought of you makes me physically ill. But the amount of time you have invested in this plot of yours is unbelievable. The amount your minions have invested in hating someone they don’t know is .. i’m gonna look up a word.. it’s inconceivable.
    I don’t like you nor your pocketsized butt buddy but I’m still not that invested in getting even. I can’t even be bothered to drive to bayshore and tha’ts like 15 minutes.
    But ok, I rambled on enough, so let’s discuss this for a moment. You been at this for months now and we both know you’re not going away until someone lies on the floor bleeding and you get to piss on them.
    How far are you going to take this? How long will you keep this up? Until there is nothing left of me? Until you tear through my life and take it from me? I’m sure you already completely humiliated me.

    well I suggest that you stop. .. as i’m thinking it I know it’s useless. hey I wore myself out.

    to all of you haters, you can save yourself the time, I won’t read any of it. Nobody told you to read this, nobody told you to believe it, and now you get to feel sorry for him because I’m such a cunt. How can any of you have such strong feelings for someone you don’t know? don’t you have people in your own life you can hate?
    oh yes.. the slut shaming from both boo boo bear and his side kick tiny poo,,, are you fucking kidding me? I’m not even going to say anything because it’s so fucking moronic it needs no words. Neither one of you was ever molested.and I’m not going to be as disgraceful and rip the shit out of you two.. and there’s a lot to work with,. after everything I saw you tell people about me I should really ask how the 12lbs pickachu can have sex with someone 4 times a day when they find them so objectionable? I guess you powered through huh? that’s really going above and beyond the call of duty sir. congratulations you pint sized moron, you get the ‘i came 4 times a day every day we were together award even though I’m old, fat, and disgusting” award. next week you’re going to get an award for moral fortitude. don’t stick your penis into someone and then be an asshole about it. fucking morons. if your friends wanna know if you liked it or not they can just ask your butt buddy, he has all my files, so yeah he’s got the videos. if you had to fake it you could have faked it a lot less. as you so aptly pointed out so many times, Im old, 4 times a day is a lot, you know arthritis, alzheimers, gout, and bad hip thing

    ok i’m really going to stop now, but I got 3 months of Shaggy and Scoobydo to contend with. so more than likely I’ll be back.
    Now I’m sure there is god knows what about me everywhere. Including death threats.
    but hey, next time you wanna have a good old fashion smear party ask me to come. Hey you guys got so much to say about me and whatever, doesn’t it just sound right to say it straight to me?
    Or, here’s a novel idea.. you can come to my house and say whatever the fuck you want to say. any of you.but yeah clearly saying it behind my back, embedding it, and hidding it is so much better.
    And as far is the puny sidekick goes I’m surprised he can stand up. I have never seen anyone hide so fast.The french don’t run as fast as you do,

    Nighty night boo boo and little boo boo. Keep up the good work, after all you’re both perfect!!

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