• How to Seduce Someone Eith The Twin Flame Theory

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    For those who don’t know, the Twin Flame Theory centers around a concept of another meeting the other half of their soul, in which both is guided by their higher selves or their one higher-self. The union of these two souls is said to be unimaginably powerful and that the growth and things they accomplish together can transcend dimensions.
    There is plenty to read about online, however, that’s not the reason I’m sharing this. No, I want to show you the dark-side of these things.

    Before I get into this, understand that using the TF theory as a method of seduction is extremely dangerous. Even if preformed properly, the results can range from mild to extreme depending on the victim, who can, and most likely will, suffer from mental breakdowns leading to schizophrenia, psychosis, and many other illnesses and in some cases can end in people committing suicide and many other darker ends. So understand that once you go about doing this, there is no turning back and that whatever you bring to come is your fault. You have been warned.

    Why does the TF theory work well as a method of seduction? Just like soul-mates, the connection between TF’s is very powerful – or at least from the perspective of one going through the experience. The bond between people who believe they are going through the experience becomes so powerful that it isn’t a surprise some become obsessed with the other to the point of maniacal psychosis. The idea is that the person is searching for the one, and as the seducer, it is your job to make yourself appear that way.

    Now, just because it works well, does not mean it is easy. Not only that, if you have morals, you probably wouldn’t be able to do this to someone as it is extremely cruel. The Twin Flame theory as a method of seduction takes advantage of another, by coupling paranormal experiences, sexual energy and the idea’s of guilt and shame and many desires as a means to tether their deepest mental mindsets to you. And in some ways their soul. It also makes use of another’s higher self – an element they feel transcends themselves, who is guiding them through their TF experience. This will completely destroy their psyches, to the point mental collapse is almost guaranteed considering you will be taking any sense of control in their lives away from them.

    However, if they are very sexual – which is what you want, that or very intimate – this love-bite proves almost insatiable, even if they later came to hate, you they would still feel sexually attracted to you as you have completely divided and manipulated their mind at this point into loving and hating you just as thoroughly. In some ways you become a living Incubus/Succubus. No it does not depend on gender, as a man can have an inner-succubus and woman can have an inner-incubus and vice-versa.

    Surprisingly, due to the dangers of the TF theories hypothesis, many people are actually seduced by others – and some people seduce others without even realizing it.
    Yes, if done correctly, this can work on multiple people. In some ways it’s like having a spiritual harem of seduced victims.

    The first and foremost important step in this method is the victim. Who is the ideal victim for the TF Seducer? Well there is no perfectly ideal victim – however there’s a template of traits that work well – if they have more than three or four of these traits, you could have a chance:
    • Sexually explicit or repressive – This one varies, on the other end as repressive people tend to have a harder time opening up. However, it’s a big plus if the person has a powerful sex drive or in this case an open Sacral Chakra that contains a lot of energy. (Remember, the sacral chakra deals with desire.)
    • Alice in Wonderlanders – I call them this because these are the kind of people you need to locate – people who are quite like Alice. They feel insane; they feel detached from the world. Most of these people feel as if though they may have come from somewhere else entirely, born on the wrong planet, feel incomplete or like Neo from the Matrix. These people are READY to believe that something magical is going on and since something is, they aren’t too far from the truth. However, as the Seducer, it is your job to ensure that this person begins to feel that you are their “one.”
    • Empaths – This trait can also make it easier, due to an empath’s ability to sense emotions, you can use this against them as you manipulate them into believing what they are feeling is truly your emotions and vice-versa. It’s a little confusing, however a powerful empath can give you trouble – they may be able to sense your manipulation subconsciously – so it also a gamble.
    • Victims to Prior Traumas, rape, assault, abuse, etc – This will also be a very useful trait, victims of traumas tend to be sociopathic and many turn out to be psychological vampires. They can easily become addicted to the security and pleasure that comes from the TF’s paranormal experiences and have a harder time letting go of your influence thanks to this.
    • Low Self Esteem – It should speak for itself, but if you don’t get it, the low self-esteem may give them a nudge in biting the hook.
    • Prior relationship issues – depending on what happened, you can also use this against them.
    • People who like to relate deeply – if they allow you to get in deep, then they have opened themselves up to the darkness.

    There are plenty of other traits, I won’t go into them all, but there are definitely many more that work.

    The Process:

    Once you have found your victim, now it is time to break in. Yes, into them – you have to literally get into their minds and souls. Keep in mind the things they are looking for, what they relate to, and things they like – remind them of moments of synchronicities – encourage it. It will happen, trust me. I’ve met many people who fall for these things and most of the synchronicities they describe are ones you can have with other people just as easily. It’s truly a psychological endeavor; you need to be both careful and lucky in some senses. Luckily – if you’ve developed your inner-seducer enough – most of this should come off rather easily. Hell, if people are seducing others on accident, then you should have no problem.

    The closer they get to you before revealing you may be TF’s, the better – though this varies, it usually works best to tell them after the intimate portion of the relationship or so. It is imperative however, that TF’s come up somehow and that you implant it in them as thoroughly as possible – make sure they want to look it up and understand it. It can even be as simple as saying we might be – in fact, if you can bring it up out of the blue simply in motive of a question, this could work too. People into psychedelics and such will be even easier to sway and implant things on, weed, and other drugs will make them more sensitive to the effects of your subconscious.

    Another thing you might want to learn is Psionics. Psionics are the emotional, psychological and spiritual energy-bending techniques we all possess. No it isn’t pyrokinesis or people who can bend spoons with their brains. It’s the subtle energies that flow through the emotional and spiritual bodies. Shamans can sense them and even throw ‘spirit-darts’ into your energy field to damage or manipulate it. People can even insert thoughts into other’s heads and communicate simply by feeling. A lot of this describes what happens in an actual TF experience right? A person who knows psionics has a massive advantage in the realm of seduction. Use your psionic abilities to manipulate their thoughts subtly, but be careful not to be too extreme or they may catch onto you. However, most believe psionics to be a fairy-tale, which gives the seducer a great advantage as no one will ever prosecute or go after them for psionic manipulation.

    You are quite literally raping their minds, except they have been blinded into thinking it is a divine experience.

    At the next stage of seduction, the person may become scared or intimidated by what is going on, they will feel themselves losing control and at this point they will believe the truth is coming out. This is what will make or break the successful seduction. Luckily for you however, the TF theory will help you keep them in the palm of your hand. And that is with the power of guilt and desire. Or as the TF theory put it, the Runner and the Chaser. By now, your victim should already know of the TF theory and has read of the runner/chaser dynamics. They will realize the moment they try and escape your clutches; they will be running out of guilt, fear and shame. Simply because they weren’t ‘ready,’ for the most important moment of their life. Thanks to this, they may either run for some time and then come back, or decide not to due to the fear of being trapped – if you did it right, they should come back and when they do – that means the fly is caught. If you are feeling brave, you can also approach them – this may make you appear as the chaser to them and they will believe it is all apart of the TF theory.

    Continue to do this, manipulate their paranormal feelings and such and eventually they will probably be completely obsessed with you. Since they feel they can’t escape, they eventually feel more and more trapped to the point they can’t be separated from you and give in. This process will cause schizophrenia, psychosis and many other mind altering events to happen, some of which can be traumatic. If you want them simply for sex or for relief or for whatever reason you are seducing them, then by now it will be much easier to get what you want since they are mentally unable to make decisions for themselves. You’ve literally addled their mind by now, broke them to the point of mental enslavery – if you were to suddenly leave or die, they would suffer a massive breakdown that would take years for them to heal from. And if you do leave there is still a chance they will hang onto you – waiting for you.

    Methods of seduction like this has been around since the beginning of time, in fact it has been rumored that soul-mates and ideologies as such were designed for this very reason.
    Why am I revealing this to you? I was a victim to this exact form of psychological manipulation, and said person used it on myself. I barely escaped with what little sanity I have left. However, the effects of what this did to me still effects me to this day and as I researched I realized the TF theory was making it even worse. It truly does feel like a curse or some looming presence is always there trying to coerce you back to them. For many the desire becomes so strong they lose their minds considering it was everything they were searching for.

    I’m simply here to illuminate the darkness of a teaching that passes itself off as pure light.

    In truth, the history of the theory of TF’s and soul-mates is shrouded in mystery. Many have said it originated from Pluto, though this has never been confirmed in actuality and he has never referred to such a thing directly. It was later decided that it originated from cults and covens, spanning from people who wished to sacrifice themselves to find their one, to others who found and used this method to manipulate and draw others into their beliefs.

    You may be wondering why I am sitting here telling people how to seduce others with this, and the reason is actually ironic really, you don’t see this much; the dark side of these teachings. Spiritual seduction is running rampant in more forms than it has ever been seen as – people are seducing people without even realizing it, doctrines and beliefs being released catching the unexpected, the young, the people who dream, off guard and sending down roads that can be unmistakenably dark and dangerous. This is insane for me to say myself, as I actually like a hint of darkness every here and now – but what these teachings, the TF theory included has done to people, is absolutely horrifying to me. I revealed this because people seem to have some predisposition that the TF theory is a beautiful bright experience that promotes growth and spiritual enlightenment. However, most cannot even define what enlightenment truly is, and the majority of the cases I’ve seen don’t appear this way as well. I will not say that the TF theory is complete BS, in my honest opinion, a TF is more like a representation of our own internal balance between our masculinity and femininity.

    Yes, I have been through an experience that relates to this theory, or was it? That’s the terrifying part; the way it presents itself makes it impossible for one to escape the grip of someone who could be their twin. There is nothing that can be proven or unproven. It doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t, once you have gone through something like this it will remain that way with that person – and to make matters worse it can happen with multiple people to create a web of relationships that are almost always vampiric. And sadly, in many cases, one person walks away completely unharmed by the theory, while the other could be so mentally crippled that they could end up suicidal or incapable of taking care of themselves.

    So, if you are one of those people trying to find what you think is the one. I first want to ask you something. Why are you looking for the one? Because you feel you deserve this, because it exists and therefore you must have it? Before you make what could be the most painful mistake of your life, and can even be the end of it – you may want to reconsider, where there is light, there is always shadow.

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    23 Responses to How to Seduce Someone Eith The Twin Flame Theory

    1. anon
      October 16, 2014 at 12:56 am

      This sort of caught my attention. I experienced some sort of connection like this with someone, very strong and strange. Like I had thoughts and ideas just appearing in my head. I don’t believe in this stuff but still. Except the other thought I was manipulating her and push and pulling, when I was confused and was wondering if she felt it too? I even thought she was the one doing it to me. Well she is the runner and I’m doing everything to stop myself chasing. The pull is so strong… but when she switches between staying and running it gets so painful. Had a breakdown. But after came back up stronger and realised exactly what I had to work on. Even now I feel it, not sure if she feels it still. Idk. I don’t believe in such things so maybe I actually just went insane? Scary because I don’t normally do such things.


    2. well
      October 16, 2014 at 12:05 pm

      You could also say you met a Psychopath. It would be easier to understand than this twin flame fuss.

      It’s sad that you met someone like this, but I think you should also be careful with your theories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a naturally skeptic person too (maybe “the powerful empath”), but the message I get from this annoys me: People stop loving, it’s too dangerous.


    3. Tricia
      October 16, 2014 at 1:38 pm

      This is pure Looney tunes. If you seriously believe this crap then may I suggest seeing a shrink. I believe in soulmates but this whole mind manipulation garbage is bogus. True connection are raw not altered but voodoo weird stuff.


    4. twin soul
      October 16, 2014 at 5:22 pm

      Wow. That is the most WRONG take on TF I’ve ever heard. Yes mr self proclaimed analyzer of the BS. YOU are full of BS. Twin flames is about being connected at the soul with your other half of your soul. Its been that way from birth. You have no choice. Nor have you experienced the real thing. I feel bad for you. Your kinda ….well, kinda sad if you believe something so beautiful is a for of manipulation.


    5. Wow!!!
      October 16, 2014 at 8:30 pm

      This is by far the best post that I have ever seen. Bravo author. It is funny how some things work out and others don’t. I came here to apologize and right a wrong. And through all of the reality that I have opened my eyes to I am finally able to let go of who I thought was my twin. It is amazingly liberating to finally have that weight off your soul and live for today. I have wronged and I have been wronged. The only thing that I can change for tomorrow is how I deal with. The gift of goodbye is a wonderful blessing in disguise. “Let Them Go” author T.D. Jakes is a very inspirational and uplifting read. God please forgive our short comings and bless this world and all of the broken hearts that may read this tonight. You are never alone.


    6. Hello
      October 16, 2014 at 10:34 pm

      So I found this very informative. I do not have any intention to do such a cruel thing. Not only was I bery appauled by reading this, I also feel like this practice or whatever it is, is maybe black magic or something. I wasnt even done readig half way through it before I started choking for no apparent reason and ended up coughing for about a minute. Very negative energy i’d say. AlsoI would think that people with a high level of intuition would spot a manipulative person instantly. Im like that. Although this is absolutely terrible and you do want to try to help let people know that this happens and it’s real…I think it would be a lot Better if you hadn’t provided the steps. Although you were well-meaning, there are people who may actually use this because they’d never heard of it before. Also I was pretty surprised that you mentioned that reserved and even people with low self-esteem were an easy victim. Lastly, I don’t believe that this can work on everyone. Such as manipulating their mind, we all have barriers that we tend to unconsciously put up to protect us from these type of energy things, such as vampires.


    7. "Oh, so thats what happened to me..."
      October 16, 2014 at 10:46 pm

      Ill try to be nice because this appears to be something you believe strongly in…but honestly what a load of crap. Love and attraction, and the concept of soulmates may be things we all struggle with (or not, just speaking for myself ig), but they are surely not secret ‘supernatural’ forces effectuated through psionics. Believing in a convoluted theory that allows you to be the “victim” or “target” in a prior relationship-gone-wrong just removes any personal accountability for any of your actions and behavior.


    8. More to the Truth
      October 17, 2014 at 12:41 pm

      The idea of this post was not to destroy the idea of TF’s or anything, I can understand how other’s may see it that way. In regards to the people who are calling the author crazy – it would be smart to understand that in a situation like this – its going to sound crazy, the TF theory in itself incites craziness if most who have seen other’s go through it. Manipulation and psychological attacks from these kinds of teachings is totally possible, definitely out of control, considering that the vast majority of people going through the theory and people who believe there isn’t a dark side to this thing are being ignorant to the fact that everything has a dark side to it, everything cast shadows.

      Why did I include the steps? Because simply saying it can be used this way is not enough, you need to see for yourself how this is pulled off – and trust me it has been used this way before. You can read accounts online of other’s who’ve gone through this – men and women out there in toxic, sick obsessive relationships that promote very little healing at all as the teaching promotes.

      I mentioned the supernatural because that’s a strong part of the TF concept, its basis around paranormal experiences. When a person is looking for thier twin, in someone else for that matter- they are often looking for signs, something akin to a synchronizations or at least their own perceived notions of what is going on. “This is a sign, that’s a sign, they just gave me another sign.” the person feels like the spirits are leading them on to find their TF – when in all actuality this may or may not be happening to their so called Twin.

      As said, since there is no true way of knowing someone is your twin or not, all these synchronicities are going to have to be judged by the person experiencing them – and many strike it off as a sign they are actually connecting to their Twin. Anyone and everyone advises caution in these stances, however, the TF Concepts are seductive in its own right, playing off as being the ultimate union of individuals, that it will grant them power, fulfill their wishes and become the one – not far from a twisted outlook on an Avatar or Arbiter. Many people going through this end up in psyche wards for temp to long-term stay due to psychosis and megalomania.

      No, it is not the TF concept that is totally at fault, it is also the people involved and are not careful of their decisions and desires and the ability control of themselves so that they don’t make a gamble they may not be able to return from. However, the TF concepts ideologies and complexes is also at fault here – coming towards other’s as a golden apple when it is actually very dangerous and poisonous to some. And so that is why I shared this, so you and many other’s could see the dark side of such things. And yes, I have almost used this against someone, I admit this, it was subconscious … or should I say unintended. It was right after going through my supposed TF experience that I realize this could be used to seduce others. You can go to a forum filled with countless people who have gone through the Theory, find one who may be susceptible and mention something as arbitrary as your animal guide or tote, or talk of esoteric things and its already begin – they’ve already caught the hook.


    9. More to the Truth
      October 17, 2014 at 3:05 pm

      In reply to twinsouls –

      I apologize if you believe I’m trying say this is what the TF theory is supposed to be used for or not, I’m simply stating that it can and has been used as a method of psychological and spiritual seduction, both of which is extremely subtle – yet albeit dangerous. Pitying me isn’t necessary, I already understand the true motives of the TF theory _ I am simply stating there is a very dark side to this and that my message is for the people who have suffered from what you just read. I am not denouncing your experience, I hope wholeheartedly that you find your ‘one, your other half – if that is what you are searching for and much happiness comes to you.

      As said, I am simply illuminating the shadows of teaching that passes itself off as pure light.

      To Tricia –

      I’ve already seen one, for a few disorders; especially after my breakdown with this experience. I hope my honesty in this will not assassinate my character to you, its not my intent to sound so outrageous. When you say ‘true connection,’ how do you prove the authenticity of such a connection? The TF theory is based on paranormal experiences which means the people giving you information on this is also basing it on what they have gone through not a legible documentation or an example, it is simply he-say-she-say. Not that this makes it any less authentic, its just like what I am doing, explaining something based on an experience an information. As said, this post was not meant to destroy or addle anyone’s perceived notions on the theory – if your TF experience is legit, then you have no need to worry or take heed of anything I am saying, this is pointed to people who have been manipulated by this and is meant to reveal to them that something else could have been going on and why they feel they are suffering so much from it. I do not wan’t to, in any way, denounce you or anyone else’s experiences.

      I hope much happiness for you.

      In reply to ‘well’ –

      No, I couldn’t just say that, I have no idea if the person I met was a psychopath or not, as they may have done this subconsciously, or not meaning to – and despite what some think – yes, it is possible to subconsciously and unintentionally seduce someone and it happens far more than people realize, now that does not mean they are a psychopath or sociopath as there is more to this than just the person. The Concept is also at fault here. An example would be when a person searching for their TF, when they believe they’ve found them, does the person just let it fade away or do they try and feed and legitimatized the experience? Why would they do this? Because of the promises and the concepts of the TF theory in-of-itself. it promises them that their life will change, for the better, it will become something worth remembering, it will transform their lives. And for some, this is an ultimate dream, it is something some would even go insane for. That’s the problem, not the fact they are striving for something they want – but that its playing itself as something pure when it obviously isn’t.. If you’ve read the Art of Seduction, people like this are easy targets for seducers or teachings that can promote occultism and cult-like behavior, for those who know how to use these elements against someone.

      I won’t reply anymore to the messages, I feel I have said all I can and I hope other’s will understand my reasoning for this. I know when they read about Psionics, they will most likely call this a fable, and maybe it is to extent. but I know there are some out there who will understand what i am saying, and this is meant for them.


    10. I don't mean to be rude,
      October 17, 2014 at 8:34 pm

      but this sounds like a very misleading fairy tale. I think it is as simple or complicated as the Law of Attraction. If you are waiting for love, then you will begin to emanate love – for yourself, for your friends, and for your loved ones. Love will come to you.


    11. M73
      October 18, 2014 at 5:44 am



    12. okay I get it
      October 18, 2014 at 12:13 pm

      You think of the concept as some self-fulfilling-prophecy. Because you have read about it, you believe it and you want to make it happen. My way of thinking was probably the other way around. You never heard of this concept and meet someone without any plan and intentions and because of the intensity of the connection you can’t explain you start wondering what it is. Later you may find some concept that describes your patterns.. Assuming the other person didn’t know that concept before either. What would you say to this?


    13. wishful thinking or weak minded
      October 18, 2014 at 3:22 pm

      Twin flames is an overly romantized idea. I feel it’s more likely to be believed in when someone is desperate for “answers” to a strong “connection” to someone else. I was there once. It’s bullshit.


    14. No, not even close.
      October 18, 2014 at 3:52 pm

      Again, I won’t reply anymore.


    15. No, not even close.
      October 18, 2014 at 4:05 pm

      the person was searching prior to meeting me. I however had never heard of it, until one day I was researching angels and discovered it around the time started getting feeling freqencies from others. The person admitted already that they studied not psionics, but had an interest in me that went deeper than affection though I for one hadn’t caught until they brought it up.

      But I digress, there’s little point in telling anyone at this point. I’m simply pointing out dangers in this.

      I said wouldn’t reply, and now I’ll make it Point not to.


    16. @wishful
      October 19, 2014 at 3:37 am

      Arguing based on individual experience. Says all and nothing.


    17. Marina
      March 16, 2016 at 11:56 pm

      Thank you for writing what is founded on truth. The Twin Flame movement is in my view creating many people to stay entrapped in dangerous situations. Love is beautiful and to begin to create these false misconceptions based on illusions of specialness and waiting for the one that ran from you to return is absurd. Sociopaths also run and meeting them can be so intense and feel like the one. They also cause the most severe amount of anxiety and pain for their targets. So look for love first inside and if you come across madness when meeting a potential partner run and then return to doing more of your internal work. Let’s ditch the spin that is creating so mich agnst.


    18. @Marina
      April 27, 2016 at 2:23 am


      There are more to than just truths? In relation to cults & all that BS that I agree that is madness! The idea of what it may represent in a loving relationship can & is real I believe. Is that wrong in believing in more & a love that is so great? It’s being ruined by all of this. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one on here still. I’m sorry for your still affected by this. I am too & never did I want you to feel this way after all this time. I did love you. You knew what happened at that time & I understand now why you did what you did & it was the right choice. xco


    19. No name
      April 27, 2016 at 1:30 pm

      I was attracted to him like a moth to a fire n felt he was in to me too otherwise why would he keep changing his schedules to show his face to me.
      We both were not each others type. From moment I really looked at him n eyes were locked for short 10 secs may be but since then not a day goes by without thinking abt him . sometimes i get these intense emotions n feel as if I were really with him n felt what he was going through. I could get him like none other. When I looked at him I just feel as if he was answers to all questions I had. I was only missing true love n had given up hope, didn’t even know about twin flame theory. But looking at him was like looking at the mirror I would be where he is if I went on the path that I was on then . a greatest winner success at ever step yet biggest looser ,losing everything for nothing. It was a connection like none .
      I kept asking self why him? why me? why this forbidden love towards someone so imperfect ?why do I feel like giving up all that I have for nothing in return? Someone must have gone through what I felt , so must have givent it the name as TF. Whatever it was , it was pure n clean the magic was who I would become around him. N whatever it was definitely was truth , no bluff no facade.


    20. @halo
      April 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm

      The issue here is that it promises a love greater than any other, this kind of promise might seem good to some, but it can cause people to feel obligated in having the best of the best. ((and let’s not forget to mention how easy it is to exploit people like this.)) And what if this person cannot have the one and only one meant for them? What if they are destined to simply be apart for ever? So many people acting as if though they can define the universe and how it works in a simple description. How does it make a person feel living through their life wishing they could have the greatest love ever but then having to live with the fact they can’t have that, and that they must deal with having love and a life that doesn’t meet their expectations. I can tell you now that some simply can’t live this way, because its tormenting, because it goes against everything that makes them who they are.

      People who dream big, well, its a sad truth but not all of their dreams come true. Its the same with this theory, people dream that they will find a love greater than any other and that it must happen, hell its the same thinking for people who want to become celebrities. They think they are destined to be. But I can tell you now, there are many people out there who want to be famous, and try hard to achieve it. But don’t. Why? Because the people who rose to fame nowadays were LUCKY enough to get where they are, it wasn’t the law of attraction, it wasn’t wishing to a genie. They managed to roll all the dice just right and got what they wanted. There are people out there just as talented, if not more so, who don’t earn nearly the same living, but don’t earn the same amount of fame and glory as others. And is it because they don’t dream hard enough, I don’t think so, that would be wrong to say that to them.

      Its the same damn thing with the Twin Flame theory, people wishing they could find the greatest love ever, expecting it, and when they find something they think is it, they grasp onto it like its dear life–hell, because for them it is, its their life–the future they have been waiting for. But what happens if they don’t get it, tell me, everyone out there who thinks they understand this theory so, how many possibilities are there? Is it possible that we aren’t supposed to have the greatest promises imaginable, ever? Is it possible that we have to learn to live with what is given to us, even if it is not the best, even if it is far from ideal … Life seems to teach that. When you think of all the possibilities .. it starts to get scary people.

      And that, everyone, is the cold reality of life. We can’t have everything we wan’t, and hell when we end up getting what we do want–it sometimes turns out to be pretty shitty after all. But for some, its too difficult for them to accept this reality, its too difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that they cannot achieve everything, that they must accept that they can’t always have what they dreamed for.

      People will probably hate me for this, they’ll say I’m wrong, that I’m just putting them down. No … how many people are on this planet? 7.4 Billion, and there might be more …

      I wonder, how many of them dream of achieving things … and how many actually get what they want… how many try, day after day, wish after wish, pain after pain … and never achieve it.


    21. AK @ No Name
      April 29, 2016 at 8:25 am

      Are you Mirranda and are you talking about me ? <3

      That would really touch my heart, Mirranda… Just saying…

      I love you, Mirranda. It IS mutual; I think we belong together and we're destined to be together honestly…

      I love you so much. I feel a magnetic connection to you and it's almost like we're polar opposites: I feel the love, the raw energy, and the warmth and it runs though my blood, through my entire body.

      The way I feel about Mirranda can't be explained. I always thought she was my soulmate…I know it's true love and the feelings are mutual. I do believe it's very possible she is my soulmate or my "twin-flame" for she's the only one who could get so deep into my mind, my heart, my soul, my body, and my spirit. I've always loved her and she's the first girl I fell in love with, which may be the reason that no other girl has been able to enter my heart/life the way she has. I truly believe she is the love of my life and we're meant to be together, get married, have kids, raise a family, and accomplish great things together…

      Mirranda is my sweetheart. I feel her presence in my heart and I definitely feel a spiritual attraction to her.

      I'll always love her so much, regardless of whether or not we end up together.

      – AK


    22. J
      July 13, 2017 at 10:29 pm

      Um, I have a twin flame and he’s never told me he was my twin flame. I don’t even think he knows. How can he be manipulating me if I haven’t talked to him for 15 years? I’m trying to decide if I should get in touch and ask him if he knows. I didn’t believe in this cheesy teen magazine sounding crap either, until it happened to me. Trust me, it’s ten times more weird than it sounds. Incubus and succubus come while you are asleep, but twin flame comes while you are wide awake.


      • L.
        July 16, 2017 at 9:12 pm

        he wasn’t saying all the people going through this TF thing are not Twins or were seduced or that it isn’t true. He’s referring to the fucking assholes out there who are using it to fuck with people’s heads and use it as a money making gambit.

        Stop being so fucking sensitive.



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