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    I never do this because it’s so undignified. But you know what fuck it. For the first time I’m going to say what I have to say.
    Don’t worry. I’m not going to be back to read anymore letters or comments. I had enough abuse for a life time.
    Let’s talk about the sad excuse of a man I married. We’ll call him SEM for short. I am a firm believer that everyone in this world contributes something, not SEM.
    Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Absolutely everything. Everyone believes him at first. But eventually everyone pays. 8 years later and he’s still fucking with me. Foot fungus goes away quicker. If you don’t believe me, ask his best friend of 20 years who let him live at his house rent free for 3 years. SEM fucked his ex wife.. in his friend’s house.. and just to make things just right, he played his best friend’s daughter a song “banged your mom”. Clearly, I’m the asshole.
    I could literally be here for hours and hours and hours and discuss how horrible he was and blah blah blah.. But I don’t want the hatred anymore, I’m good with it. I don’t want to be near him, I don’t want to see him, and I don’t want to think of him. And I don’t have the need to trash him, like he’s done to me so many times. I just want to heal and move on.
    I’m sure we’re all wondering why I’m here talking about that piece of shit. Unfortunately, leaving it be is just not his style.. I’m sure he didn’t mention this.. because, woe is SEM.. even though I left him alone fo 3 years, lived my own life, had very little contact with him for over 3 years.. he decided to post over 50 indecent pictures of me on a porn site.. but not just of me… his former wife, the mother of his children, and his best friend’s exwife. And in true idiot fashion he posted a bunch of very interesting pictures of himself. Let’s just say he’s not the pretty pretty girl he thinks he is. And as usual, he thinks he’s smarter than anyone and nobody would ever find out. Well, here we are, I found out and I shared. I’m so fucking tired of the shit he does.
    I don’t have a problem with gays, transvestites, or goat fuckers, but if you like to suck cock more than me it’s something you should tell me before we get married..
    Yah this is very undignified, but not that bad, I probably should have done this years ago. .. I left him the fuck alone.. he should have left me alone. I lost everything because of that asshole, when I left him I was bleeding and bruised.. I left with whatever I could fit in my car. Yeah he’s gonna tell you differently.. but that’s what liars usually do.. unfortunately for him I got pictures, documents, videos, witnesses, and well… his friends.
    But I don’t need any of that.. Because any guy who fucks his best friend’s exwife and posts pictures of the mother of his children on a porn site is nothing.
    Of course he blamed it all on me.. because yeah that’s my wet dream shoving a dildo up some guys ass while he’s wearing my clothes.. And then of course he said it was private, well they don’t call it the idiot wide web, but the world wide web. And not to point out the obvious you fucking asshole, you could have put a password on your fucking idiot pictures.. once you put something on the internet it’s not private anymore, just like the pictures of me, your ex wife and your friend’s exwife. And I never saw any of those pictures before he posted them online.
    Blah blah blah… reverse image search on google.. idiot you’re not smarter than everyone..
    Just for shits an giggles let’s address this whole pro domestic violence thing because it seems to be so hilarious.. You people make me fucking sad. I lost everything to this fucking moron. But the worst part about it was that I told my younger son about ‘joining a pro domestic violence group’ and I have never seen anything like it. For the last 3 years I’ve been trying to fix what the idiot did and what I did by not leaving sooner.
    Yeah I get it, why didn’t you leave him.. well at first I didn’t realize I was being abused and then I was literally brain dead. I would try to walk away and the consequences were dire. A lot of times they weren’t at my expense. I fucked up, I get it, but I left and it needs to be over. You need to be out of my life. Leave me the fuck alone..
    And how dare you talk about my kids, did you say my son is lazy? You are the most ridiculous person on the planet. You have two amazing kids who hopefully do well despite you. Unfortunately you will never know because they don’t talk to you. So you need to shut the fuck up about my kids ok. Who the fuck are you to talk about anyone? You lie and cheat and manipulate everyone.. you wanna talk how lazy I am? Or my kids? Ok let’s. Both of my kids go to school and work over 20 hours a week. When is the last time you paid child support? How much do you owe at this point? You owed over 50k before and now you haven’t paid in how long? When is the last time you got your kids a bd present? Christmas? Anything? Perhaps I’m lazy, but I sure as shit pay for my kids school. You lived with your best friend and all you had to buy was groceries and nor rent.. but woe is you, you didn’t, because you had no money… yet new car every other year.. I didn’t make this up.. I got this first hand..
    You say you didn’t hit my son? OK.. if that makes you feel better.. let’s call your former best friend and talk about the time you beat his dog for over 10 minutes you fucking psycho.
    I’m not going to compare you to me, because you are so clearly not going to come anywhere near me. But dude seriously. I paid over 5000 bucks for my son’s teeth.. yeah me… lazy, uneducated, stupid me. You buy new cars while your son’s teeth are rotting out.
    Ok I gotta stop now because there is no end to the fucking shit you do. Yet you think you’re beyond reproach.. dude. Let’s not even discuss the drugs ok..
    You need to just go the fuck away and leave me alone.. I left you alone. You did this.. you posted those pictures of all of us on a porn site.. you are not better than us.. we usually just don’t do anything because you’re a malicious vengeful asshole. I’m no longer afraid of you. Do what you do, lie, instigate, manipulate.. blah blah blah.. that’s why you’re once again trashing me behind my back.. Doesn’t that ever get old?
    If any of you disagree with my posting this, oh fucking well.. he’s been fucking trashing me for years. To everyone, and it’s always lies. Everything he says it’s just lies.. Unfortunately, I’m not lying. If there is any doubt or anyone needs any confirmation of anything I just said I invite you to call me or email me. And I will give you the number to his friends..
    The idiot is like the fucking plague.. there isn’t one person he hasn’t fucked over.. not one.. when I called his ex wife that her pictures were online I talked to her mom, she is one of the few people who knows what he’s like and she invited me to call her anytime and come and visit.
    I’m not saying I’m perfect, and I fuck up a lot. But nobody deserves him.
    I’m going to stop now because I could go on forever and ever and ever.. when I found the pictures online I called him and I asked him to apologize so I wouldn’t feel so fucking violated..
    All he had to say was sorry, nope not him.. in some fucked up universe he thinks it’s ok.. but he doesn’t get off from the sex, the bjs, the pictures, he gets of by humiliating the person. Mostly it’s me.. I’m his favorite target. He’s never going to go away because he’s like fucking foot fungus..
    Asshole, it’s time you go away.. I’m done fucking around with you.. When nobody in your life likes you, not even the dog, it’s time to change something.. either way, we can go and keep doing this.. The question is am I ok with people seeing my blowjob pictures, and how ok are you with people seeing your blow job pictures? Humiliation can go both ways boo boo!!
    Oh and two sentences about the little guy, I absolutely loved him, if that’s funny oh well, and yeah I might have been hard on him at the end… but it’s not like he didn’t fuck with me.. so let’s not even go there Ok. I would never fuck a person for nefarious purposes like he did!!

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