• fuck your meme

    by  • September 16, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    I am tired of seeing uninformed imbeciles use social media as a platform to share a fucking meme about complex topics.

    Oh yeah, a captioned image really conveys the depth of a subject like minimum wage. No need for comments about the consumer price index or inflation, no mention of economic models, data is non existent for these sort of people because it is too confusing. They just need a picture of a soldier fighting a war captioned “tell me again how you deserve $15 an hour for flipping burgers” to settle the issue. If you share something like that I doubt you would look up the base pay of an entry level active duty soldier & compare the figure of $18,387 a year to the federal poverty guidelines to see that it only affords for a family of 2 to straddle just above the poverty line. Entry level soldier has a family of 3, they fall well under the line of $19,790, unless of course they live in Alaska or Hawaii where the cost of living is significantly higher.

    These are the same sort of people who want to see drug testing for welfare recipients… oh yeah, we better take up this issue, real important. Never heard of IRS exceptions to self dealing by private foundations for certain government officials… don’t care that senators set up private foundations with money from the government & tax payers then use the foundation to receive annuities, stock bonuses, awards & prizes, which isn’t self dealing where it would be if any private citizen were doing that, because the IRS has special exceptions for certain government officials. Though, yeah, drug testing people on welfare, totally where our attention should be focused. Same thing with all those selfish burger flipping nobodies who keep causing a ruckus about increasing the minimum wage…

    It is unfortunate that you people will not be remembered as your mediocrity is so unremarkable, because you deserve to be remembered for trying to bully the little guys instead of taking on giants.

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