• Hurt.

    by  • August 22, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    I am a walking mistake. I loved you so dearly. I destroyed you. You’re the most beautiful woman and godly. I fucked up. I am miserable. I want your phone call. Your anxious laugh. Your blushing cheeks. I didn’t believe in the puzzle piece but you are my puzzle piece. To my first love, I see you and our son and I want to be the best dad to him. He’s my constant thought. He is me, I am him. I see so much of you in him. I Am his dad. Don’t forget that. I might not have any money or a job but I am his father. You’re a good mother. To my lost friend… In another light, I pray it will come… to have you back. I pray to be the best father to my son and love my first love indirectly. I will always love my own. I will always remember my first. I will fight for my heart and the woman I love. Whatever it takes. I fucked up too bad. Let me make up for it. Let me be my heart.

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