• To That Guy I Married Married Once on the Playground

    by  • August 9, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    We have reconnected so many times, it makes me wonder why.I think its dumb how often I think of you. Your dark hair, eyes of fire, hands so amazing, and your tattooed everything. Especially theone across your stomach. I just love to fantasize about it and what it would have been like if I let you kiss me or touch me that night. But I am so freakin shy. Why didnt I get drunk enough? Oh how I wish you cared about me the way I do you. But I know you dont and wish you would callme just to talk late at night. But Iknow you just want a sexual partner, most likely. Probably a ton Too bad we both dont really believe in love anymore, our hearts got broken in life. We may have had a chance reconnecting and staying connected before all the assholes tore our hearts up. I wish I didnt care and let you have my body while we were drunk. Guess we werent drunk enough. But I truely care about you. Will always wonder how you feel inside me.

    God damn it.. Jason

    Good thing this is anonymous and you will never read this. A letter I will NEVER SEND.


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