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    You and I have never seen eye to eye on anything in my life. Not once. If I agreed with you on something, you would change your mind just to be a jerk. And that’s how the norm has always been with us. I had accepted it for a long time because I knew there was nothing that was ever going to change it. You would always be that way.

    But the truth is- I hate it. I hate that you can’t be a friend to me, that I can’t have conversations with you about what is going on in my life because you’re so wrapped up in the perfect younger sibling to give two shits about what is going on in my life. I have made so many strides to better myself and take myself out of bad situations and I get no praise or recognition. But if my baby sister takes a dump, it’s blasted all over Facebook about how amazing she is.

    So, when I decided to have the lap band surgery… it wasn’t only to better myself health wise… but to piss you off by becoming smaller than you. To show you that my resolve is better than yours. To show you that I can stick to something… and maybe, just maybe, you would be proud of me for making a decision to become a different person altogether.

    But not even that has turned your head to brag on me a little bit… you haven’t even offered to help me with my diets and such… you just smile and nod. But my friends parents did. They helped me.

    To you I say- FUCK YOU. I will be a better person and my life will have been better for you not helping me or showing people that you were proud of me. I have my back. I don’t need you.


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