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    fortune telling (not very sensical)

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    The one my mother got years ago has pretty much come true now, which makes the part she apparently “blacked out” for all the stranger. Don’t think it’s anything bad my brother or I do as we were deemed “good” but it’s still quite worrying. Plus practically all that lady’s prophecies that I read involved

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    Inconsistent constant

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    Sorry for being on your case 24/7. I know you’ve said you don’t like when people worry about you, but I worry about you. And unfortunately you can’t change that, I care about you too much. It’s just, you’re a constant in my life. Or, normally you are. You text me in the morning when

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    A Peculiar Predicament

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    I wish I could tell you how happy I am to be leaving. It’s so exciting! I finally will get to be with my family again and the possibilities are endless! However, it’s bittersweet… because we’re saying goodbye. You know as well as I do that it has to be this way. For, even if

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