• I thought i could forget and not regret

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    If i was to make you nasty and hate me i thought it would do the trick, and for a while it did, you hated me and were so nasty that i was angry and didn’t care, it helped me crush what i felt, it stamped out the grief of not being near you, the sadness and regret were gone.
    But that is temporary i still miss you, i still think of you more times a day than i do anything else.
    Well i guess it confirms to me that i knew anyway, i will always have a flame burning for you. It is easier in some ways but hard and hurtful in others because i can’t help but wish i had thought harder and longer and how i wish i could go back in time. If i could i would go back and none of this would ever have happened and i don’t know if everything would be great but it would be better than it is. And what is worse is, i thought that i would feel better having done what i did, now i realise that was not so because if you were in my life i could be happy, now you’re not even there anymore for me to explain to the whole mess i made and why. So i have nothing left but to say sorry for what i did, sorry for what i said, sorry for it all, you live and learn but i can’t apply the lessons learnt because there is no one but you i want to apply them to.
    For readers of this which won’t be you an if it were you wouldn’t even know this was for you any way, all i can say is it is not better to just dive in and see what could be, take your time, be sure of what you are doing, and think things through. That is the hardest, to stop before any action and think what will the realistic result be?
    But whatever the issues in life, do do that before you “do” whatever it is.

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    1. think and think and think
      July 29, 2014 at 6:05 am

      then think… and don’t forget to think…

      Good advice for the thinkers on this webpage…



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