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    I’m so excited to see you. I’m a little nervous and I can’t stop thinking about what its going to be like to be around you again. I wish we got closer when we lived near each other. I wish that we didn’t realize how perfect we are for each other through messages and skyping, but I’m glad we did figure that out.
    I know we aren’t really in a relationship yet, we can call it that once we start seeing each other in person. I’m glad we both want to make this effort, but I wonder what you think will come of this relationship. I know its too soon to ask. And as of right now I’m just thrilled that I can kiss you in a few days. But I’m going to be wondering in the back of my mind if you fantasize about the future. Would you think it was weird if I already had plans for when and where we can meet?
    I thought I was done with being in relationships that were based on waiting. Some were waiting to see if I was with someone who really cared, some were waiting until I would let myself love again, and some were just like this one – where I wait to be in person with you again.
    The difference, though, is that for the first time I think I’ve found someone actually worth a wait.
    I won’t scare you off by having any sort of “what are we” talk, but I just want you to know how excited I am to see where this goes.
    -I might actually send you this.

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