• Over before we even started

    by  • July 26, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    The first time we ever hung out i kept staring at you wondering why you would even give someone like me a chance your face was so perfect. I walked over to you, I don’t even think i had any type of game plan in my head but i just grabbed you and kissed you, i have never had a kiss that felt like magnets. Is that a weird way to describe it?
    Yeah it was as if our lips were made for each others. We kissed so perfectly intertwined, I could not have been more free and out of my body than in that moment.

    You met my parents, slept over. I slept at your house, we never even went past kissing. We just cuddled that was the craziest part, at least i thought so.

    It scares me so badly to think that i will never meet someone like you again. I truly don’t even want too, i know there will be no one who will ever meet everything i’ve wanted like you did. I loved the way you dressed and the way you talked. You had such a small accent that you didn’t notice but i did. I loved it. I can’t stand my life without you. I don’t wanna live it without you ever, i hope when you move back you’ll contact me. I know i’m not in love but the fact that i feel like i truly don’t know what happy was until i was with you is a feeling i know i can’t let go of.

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