• My Brain Creates Odd Things

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    I’m not super sure how to write this, or even if I need to. But I’m going to.
    While home for the summer I work as a lifeguard at the pool in my town. I grew up swimming in that same pool, I scraped the butts of bathing suit on the concrete pool deck, I woke up at 9 for swim lessons every morning, I swam 8 feet to the bottom of the deep end daily, and when there was rain, the days felt like they lasted forever. And now I spend my days teaching swim lessons, cleaning out the deep end vents, and when it rains the days feel like they last forever (although, it’s in a different way now).
    That pool provides me with enough stories for a lifetime. Last year is one summer I will never forget and a variety of stories are regularly told from it, but I want to tell a new story. Something from this summer, something different than the spiel about bad employees and spoiled children that has been my only material this season. So here it is-it’s nothing special, but I’m going to put it in words.
    In high school my friend Grace went to prom with Andy. Andy was a nice guy, not one of the popular bros, but he was good at track and fast to crack a joke. We didn’t interact too much then.
    Now Andy is the weekend manager at the pool and apparently the only other lifeguard with common sense, a moral compass, and common decency. So we bonded a bit, simply because we were the only ones that saw anything wrong with everyone else. Recently the level of absurd activity has increased dramatically due to attraction between multiple guards and only one girl.
    Because I’m a manager, I expected the guards to not like me so much, but yesterday I had a really difficult day with one of my lifeguards. After the day I spent over an hour complaining to Andy about how crappy it all went.
    Then I went to bed.
    Then I woke up.
    And then I remembered that I had a dream about Andy. I had spent a really bad day working in my dream, but I had been working somewhere other than the pool. After work I headed with purpose to some gathering-it had two rows of picnic tables set up out back, and two groups of young teenagers just hanging out on one side of the rows. The pool lifeguards were sitting at two of the tables in the far row and I walked over to them. I saw Andy was sitting at the far table and I dodged the second group of teens and turned the corner of the dream table. Andy was sitting on the surface of the table with his feet on the seat. And here is the weird part. I didn’t say hi, he didn’t say hi, but I just sort of folded myself into his arms. My face was next to his, we were both staring away from the other guards, and his arms were around me. It felt as if I fell in slow motion into a perfectly made mold of myself. I don’t know how I got there, but we were just there fitting together perfectly and he opened his mouth and said something to me. What he said wasn’t the same as what he meant, but I understood it none-the-less.
    He meant he liked the way we fit together perfectly without trying and how when he started talking we looked at each other’s eyes and the words didn’t mean the same thing anymore.
    And I said the same words back, meaning the same thing he said to me.
    And then I woke up. Now I don’t know what to do with this information, I don’t even know why my brain created this event.

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