• I’m sorry I can’t like you

    by  • July 26, 2014 • Sorry • 0 Comments

    Andrew. I’m really sorry I could never tell you this. The truth is, that you are the absolute most PERFECT fucking person on the planet. You love the music I love, you know exactly how to respect a girl, you’re smart, and well… You like me. But that’s also the thing that makes you awful! You are the bestest friend I could have and understand me like no one else. I wish I could like you I really do. I have times where I think Ido because you always make me smile and I always am happy to talk to you:). But then I try and picture myself with you and I just can’t. I tried to steer you away from liking me but I just love talking to you and couldn’t stop. I wish I didn’t think of you as a brother or however I do because it’s not fair to you. You’ve never gotten a nice girl and I really wish I could give you the feelings you are giving me, but I’m so sorry that I can’t.

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