• Dear crush in my class,

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    I, uhmm, would like to wake up next to you in the morning. No, this is not an innuendo. I don’t want to sleep with you (not yet, haha) . I just want to be with you.Let’s say, uhm, could you maybe come over to my house after school? Well, it’s not technically my house because it belongs to my mum and dad but, yeah, I suppose you know. We could like, maybe, after I changed my clothes into something more comfortable, eat a bit of watermelon, if we have some at house, or ice cream? Just, whatever you like. And then, after we’re all filled, we could just go up to my bedroom and watch a disney animation movie on my small laptop screen with shitty audio because I have no speakers and cuddle? Like, only if you want. I’d want. Maybe you could give me some time before to use a deodorant if I sweated before, you know. And, after watching the film, you could study my room decoration ( ignore the fandom stuff) and I’d spent some time on my computer, checking what’s up in my interest fields. ‘Cuz love, I don’t wanna miss the stuff going on there. I hope you understand. Maybe like, one hour? You could just take a nap or bring your own laptop. Yeah, that’s the idea. Bring your own laptop and we can fulfill our needs for distraction together at the same time. And maybe, when you tell me that you’re hungry, we could go down into my mother’s kitchen and eat something, where my mum will for sure ask you some awkward questions about your parents and future plans. Just don’t take her too seriously. And after that, we could just go up into my bedroom again and watch another film until we’re both quite sleepy and our mouthtastes are stall because there is no bubblegum left in my room. So I’ll lend you a toothbrush and we’ll brush our teeth in the bathroom. And then I can give you some shirt of mine so you don’t have to sleep in your boxers only. I’d change my clothes into my childish sleeping dress and you wouldn’t make a dissaproving comment about my unshaved legs ( well, a sarcastic comment is more than welcomed) but you would not want to make me feel uncomfortable. And then we’d cuddle a bit in my bed and talk about your family and my family and school the next day and I’d remember that I still have to pack my school things for the next day and set my alarm clock, and don’t forget my evening rituals. But you would not leave; you’d stay and fall asleep next to me. And the next morning, we’d drive early to school and you’d take my father’s bike which he doesn’t use at the moment and we’d go shortly to your house which is right next to the school and you’d take your belongings and we’d walk together to school. And you’d hold my hand and people would make comments and stare but you wouldn’t care although we didn’t ever kiss; you’d just don’t let go of my hand when I greet my friends and you greet your friends. And when the lessons start you’d give me little, reassuring smiles to tell me that you won’t forget what we have.

    And of course this will never happen. And maybe it’s better not to expect too much. And you’re wonderful just how you are, so unpredictable and I’m too weak to approach you. And people say you should make friends before dating a guy but I’m too weak and insecure. And I’m probably a bit in love with you. And I’m pretty sure that i expect too much from life because I read too many fanfictions and took movies too seriously. And no, I’m not creepy, I’m really not. I hope

    But hey, love, you’re so popular. You’re friends with everyone. And sometimes you make fun of me, not mean stuff, just a bit of mocking, you know what I mean? How did I fell in love with you? well, one time in my life, I started to figure that you look at me in class when I look at you in class. Like, when our eyes meet, it’s so – special. And they meet daily but you probably don’t even think of it. You just think – oh well, she’s weird. but you’re so nice. I always fall for the nice-to-everybody and popular boys and just, I don’t know. Hey, you’re cute. And you look really good. ugh, your eyelashes.

    lemme be cheesy. Lemme dream. Lemme forget my weaknesses and forget reality. It’s fun.

    with love, a girl a tiny bit in awe about you, fifteen years old and I guess you’re sixteen

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