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    I wish things were different between us,
    I wish you could love me like I love you and not just in a friend way.
    I wish you didn’t love the one who has your heart but that’s life and sometimes life sucks.
    See to me you are my soulmate but to you… Well I guess I don’t know what I mean to you apart from being your bestfriend and you loving me dearly in a friend way.

    maybe you will read this maybe you won’t but just incase you do happen to stumble upon this letter I want you to know that I’m here writing this to you because I guess I’ll never have the guts to send it to you.

    (CATT) I hope you remember what that means? Well you are the one that said it in the first place..

    Anyhow if u read this just know that I love you so so much, so much more than you will ever truly know I always will.

    I hope I get to see u soon I really miss you.

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