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    I am posting this letter because i know i can never tell this to anyone. My situation is helpless. I came to sydney 8 yrs ago and i have only completed diploma .i continuously want to study but due to financial problem i always struggle, I don’t have proper job that pays me enough to pay my school fees. My classes already started but i don’t have any money to pay i am here sitting and knowing what to do and what my options are. My sister helped me so much and she just got divorced and is broke now. She cant help me anymore.My parents are poor to support me and i cant tell them about my situation. I will be kicked out unless i get married to australian or pay my fees.I have a boyfriend he loves me but i cant tell him my situation coz i am afraid he will leave me .We have religion issue too so getting married to him is bit hard.I lie about myself to the friends and put fake smile in front of people but i don’t know what to do and who to count on to. My life is really mess.I never thought i would end up here all my friends have exciting career ,family and hope but i think suicide is the only thing left for me and i don’t want to do that because i love my family and my bf lot. what do i do ?

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