• Last goodbye

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    In recent weeks this makes my 3rd post to you, to you who will never read it, a profession of love, a sorrowed apology for the cost of telling you in real life how i love you, and a goodbye.
    The funny thing is how each person sees things, others saw the love letter as amazing, you saw it as deliberate attempt to cause difficulty in your life. And the result anyway is, i haven’t got you in my life, but in a weird and horrid way i have. You aren’t with me, won’t be friends with me, but i will inevitably see you and hear of you.
    What a shame i couldn’t make you understand, just being in your life was plenty good enough for me, if i had really worked that out sooner, you still would be. But maybe it is for the best, i loved you so unbelievably that i would think of you all day, i would have sacrificed life or limb for you.
    Unconditionally i loved you. And the agonising grief when i saw that you never wanted me to be near you and were disgusted by me and i could never even talk with you again, it was beyond words. I could have said, egotistical self centered bitch but i can’t,I could have cried when i saw you happy with someone else, and my heart snapped. So i did what i had to do, i now have a absence of surface feelings. They are buried, stamped and trampled away. The best outcome than daily grief.
    I wish things were different, but they are not, all i can leave as last words are, sorry i loved you but my deepest wish is, be happy and i hope god smiles on you every day of your life.

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    1. anonymoys
      July 22, 2014 at 10:30 am

      Thats very sweet. Must be true live but not meant to be.

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