• i never wanted to say goodbye

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    You know I never wanted to say goodbye. Do you honestly think I wanted to part with you? You left me, left me at a time that I needed you the most, left me at the hour and at the very point of need.
    I can’t blame you though. I was a coward, when you asked me to leave him , I should have left, I should packed my bags told him it over and leave, so what if you are his cousin, I love you I love very part of you
    Your pure soul. Your ability to see right through me, your old school manners and charm. How can i not leave him for you? Your amazingly, amazingly you love me just as I am. You love me for exactly who I am. You have never attempted to alter a and correct my character. How can I not be with you?
    I see her with you now. Lord alone knows why on earth you are with her, she doesn’t deserve you. And no I’m not saying this because I’m bitter and jealous I’m saying it because I now know what a spectacular man you are. She struts around with her nose in the air and hangs on your arm because she feeds off your prestigious status. She doesnt love you, you should be with me.
    I love you, I’m sorry for being a fool. I’m sorry for allowing you to walk away. I love you. My souls cries, my soul misses you.

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