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    I want it all. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. This country has always been great because of the dreams of ambitious men and women. I firmly believe that if you work hard enough, you can achieve to the extent of your desire. I mean it takes both, hard work and ambition. Self-confidence too. So really all three are critical. The ambition gives you a goal. The self-confidence makes you believe you can reach it. Its the work ethic that separates you from everyone else who wants the same thing. Even as an African American woman, I believe that any person in this country, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, can rise to greatness and live their wildest dreams.

    So what do i really want?

    I want a family. I want a spouse that loves me, that respects me, and that always supports me. I want to spend my entire life with them. I want kids. I love kids. Childhood should be such a wonderful time. I want more than one, but not too many. I think the ideal number would be two, a girl and a boy. I want the experience of raising both.

    I want to be successful. Professionally and financially. I want a comfortable life. I want to be able to give my family whatever they want. I want my spouse to drive the car of her dreams. I want my children to go to the best schools they can get into. I want to be able to support them as they get older, so they don’t have to worry financially as much and can focus on their studies and becoming adults in their own rights. I want to retire at a relatively young age, being realistic and also optimistic maybe 55? After the kids have gone to school, and after I’ve saved up a nice nest egg, but early enough that I still have many years to just enjoy life with my spouse.

    I want a big house near a body of water, with a large back yard and a pool. I want a boat, doesn’t have to be fancy, just something the family can use on the weekends. I want to be friends with my neighbors. I want our kids to grow up close together. A real community, you know.

    Mostly, I want to be happy. I want to never allow my job to keep me from missing out on important time with my family. I want to always treat people with respect, and I want to raise my children to do the same. I want to see the world, and experience as much of its various cultures and customs before I die. I want to learn as much as I can, every day, about life in all its infinitesimal facets. I want to live to an old age. I want to see my children grow into fine adults, with their own families and success. I want to have lived an entire life with my spouse, and I want us to die at precisely the same instant. Maybe that’s a little unrealistic, but I just think of Up and how sad the beginning of that movie is, and I cant even begin to imagine what it is like to love someone for so long and then have to live without them. Anyways, I’m only 20 so I have a lot of time to make all this happen. But now you know what I want. I guess it’s about time i asked what YOU want?

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    1. Just a person
      July 28, 2014 at 4:53 pm

      I want it all.

      I want to conduct good science and really impact my field. There is so much controversy in the field of Lyme disease and I believe that I’ve started from an early enough age that I can do it.

      I want a family, but I want a big one. Four kids is my idea of an ideal family; enough that they can entertain each other and spend weekends playing soccer and adventuring all over the neighborhood together if their friends are gone. I want to raise all four children the way my mother raised me.

      I want to live comfortably alongside my husband. I want the kind of marriage my parents have; rooted in love and respect and never fighting because they’re not the kind of people who raise their voices to each other but instead calmly talk situations out.

      I want to see the world and give back to those who weren’t born into the incredibly lucky life that I was.

      I want to bake really excellent bread and sell it at a little farmer’s market on the weekend. When I retire I want to spend more time on my bread and more time outdoors. I want to go on long canoe trips with my husband.

      I don’t know if it’s possible for me to have all of that; Raise a family. Be committed enough to my scientific career that I can really influence my field. Have a rich extracurricular life rooted in travel, bread, and the outdoors.

      But I do swear that I’ll do anything to make it happen. Sometimes you don’t worry about making things work, you just decide you’re going to make it work and move on. That’s what I’m doing. I’m only 20 too – I have time. Thanks; it was nice thinking this out. I hope at the end of both of our lives, we can look back and feel very successful, happy, and at peace with how our days pan out, regardless of whether or not life happens exactly as planned.



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