• 10 sec vent sesh

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    So my really good friend left for basic training in the army, 18 days ago, and every day gets harder and harder even though I try and tell myself that it will get easier. I know that its not going to, I have to get stronger but I’m afraid that his feelings will change while he is away… what if they do? I mean lets go back he told me that he loved me 9 days before he had to leave while we laid next to each other in his bed at 4 in the morning, after just sleeping with each other. literally just cuddling/snuggling, whatever you want to call it.. but we didn’t have sex. He was absolutely adorable and it made me mad though and only because he was about to leave… but I do love him. I miss him every day and can’t for a second get him out of my head at all, ever. Whether I am at work or out with friends hes always there and I write him letters all the time but he may never get them but anyway when the day came for me to say goodbye to him i broke down inside my head but I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry in front of him because I don’t want to freak him out… but said goodbye with my voice quiet and with pain in my stomach and my throat nearly clogged with sobs. he said to me alright leave before I start to cry and that hit me right there and a tear fell from my eyes and literally I got in my car and started to drive off… I drove to the end of his street at the stop sign and literally just balled.. i miss him and I don’t really think that he misses me..

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