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    Dear you,

    I don’t know where my feelings for you came from. All I know is tonight I let it out. I could not keep my hAnds off you I wanted to kiss you and never let you go. I wanted to make love to you but we know that’s not right. You look great for a man your age. Your body looks great. I know you might just be in lust with me. Aren’t they all? I hope you felt something other than your penis bursting out your pants. You showed me off to your friends and we walked hand in hand. You seem romantic. You told me about your fun times I told you about mine. You told me about your dream about me..that we went hiking on Rocky mts…. and lived happily ever after lol. Its sweet how vividly you remember your dreams about me. You spoke about our future wedding cake.I hate to fall for people. It sucks,I hate infatuation. I just want to date and stay cool and collected. Not be head over heels for some man I cant even be with. You said it yourself.,it can never work out between us. You’re too old..i’m gonna get married in a few years and forget all about you..I highly doubt that. it has been ages since i’ve been,out with someone I liked. A Man. ..that I actually like back !! It wasn’t a one sided date. You said i’m too good to be true. I want you to fall in love with me. Unrequited. It can work. For a year or so.,until we find more viable significant others. Maybe we were meant to be. You’ll guide me with your wisdom and ill make you feel young again.

    Flip side

    Today was weird… I don’t like your friend. He was flirting with me when you weren’t looking. He said some douche -like things. You said you are too bad of a man for.me then you said you were too soft. Which one are you? I hope you are good. I feel like you like me too but at the same time you’re quite old… You may just be telling me what I want to hear to get into my pants. I don’t know what to think. This isn’t the summer romance I was asking for.. I don’t want to fall in love..

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