• Harley,

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    I am trying to move on now that you have gotten married. You called me a few days ago to see how I was going. We talked about you, and your new life. You said you married her because it was all part of your plan. When it was time to re-up your contract with the Army, then you would get married. You only knew her a few months before you married her. You said it was hard on you. You asked some advice, like usual. (How to have female friends that wont fall in love with you) Haha! I still cant believe you asked ME that, knowing that I fell in love with you. I thought for a few moments, and came up with the most brilliant thing I ever have. Lesbian friends. You exclaimed that I was a complete genius, and that you loved me. We both laughed at the whole thing. You said you couldn’t believe you hadn’t thought of it yourself. I stated “That’s what you keep me around for”, and the conversation got more serious from there. You said “Admit it, your pissed about it” referring to you’r being married. I laughed and said “No. Actually I’m happy for you. I’ve always just wanted you to be happy” You argued with me, and called out my first and last name, accusing me of lying. I simply said “I have a twinge of jealousy, that’s all.” We laughed like before. Before I moved away. Before I fell in love with you. Before the last 3 years. Its hard to force myself not to love you anymore. I mean, to force myself to do something I know deep down I cant do…It seems impossible. You’re married to her now, and I have to let go. I cant keep holding on to something that was never really mine. Everything happens for a reason, but I cant bring myself to say goodbye. I never could. I love you with every fiber of my being, and I cant explain why. We’ve never dated. Never slept together. Just one kiss…Before I left. Ever since our last talk, you seem unsure about her. Please don’t do anything stupid. She loves you. Don’t break her heart. If you had wanted to be with me, you would have made it happen. You are with her now, and I respect that. Love her Harley. Have a life with her. Please. Like you said on the phone, I will always be your confederate. I will always be here when you need advice, or just someone to talk to when things get rough. That’s what friends are for. I love you Harley, so love her with all you have. Love her like I love you.

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