• Thank you Keisha ;)

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    So Thank you Keisha for being the lowest bottom feeding slut to ever exist. Thank you for being that disgusting cunt that no man ever wanted as their #1. How does that feel by the way? Knowing that you will never be any man’s first choice. Sad really. I seen your pathetic twitter/prostitution ad. You really should have shaved that gnarly mangled mess you are calling good pussy. Fuck I would rather cut my own dick off and eat it before I would touch that thang. For anyone out their curious how bad this really is please google the term blue waffle pussy. YYYUUUUCCCCKKK!!! I am literally shuddering thinking about it. Hoe you don’t ever have a ride. Always posting pathetic ride requests. Really? This hoe will fuck for a buck, suck a dick for a subway sandwich and she can’t get a ride? Really think about that last part people after you see the blue waffle. EEEHhhh! But I digress. Again I need to finish thanking you, You say if you don’t have any thing good to say, well hoe let me tell you. I have something good I would like to say to you. Thank you. Because of you I did not go to prison. Because instead of fucking you up like I really wanted, I popped some popcorn and watched the show. You did far better than I ever could have. Meth head, prostitute, criminal, bottom feeder. The list could go on for days. You got your kids taken away, your house burned down, you have been used and abused. And all I had to do was watch the show. Thank you for being a self destructive skank that will never have or be anything more than the hatin ass, skanky, bitch that fucks her own life up.

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