• Fuck you

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    Dear dad,
    I hope you stop being such a prick and realize you cannot replace the daughter you once adored so much with another one. You lied to me my whole life, hid things from me,and made me feel guilty more than any child should. I always came to your defense and truly believed you were the hero of my story. In my eyes you did no harm but it seems you did more harm than good. You hurt mom in a way I never understood and never though you could possibly hurt me like that,but you did. You and your new wife treat me like I’m some money-hungry kid. She says “I’m not fair”, I’m not fair? You know what isn’t fair?!? Leaving to Las Vegas for a “trip” then coming back married. You said I would be the flower girl at your wedding, what happened to that? Deciding to have not just one but two kids and not telling me about it till she the baby bump was popping out of every clothing item because you knew you couldn’t hide it then. Then there she is telling me I’m not fair because I don’t want to take her damn child to the playground?!? Fuck you. You don’t get to tell me what is not fair I lived through not fair since my parents divorced. I got beat up and yelled at everyday of my life. I was sexually abused because my father was not there to protect me. I lived in fear from all the low life’s I had to walk by or have stay at my home. That’s not fair. You are not fair. No one is fair. So why should I be fair too you two? You treat me like I’m just something you can throw money at. No dad, fuck you. Keep your money. Keep your wife who thinks that I’m only ever at your house to babysit and if I’m not going to do that I need to leave as soon as I can. Ivey your new kids have money saved for years and years of post secondary schooling. What do I have ? Nothing. Fuck you. You never thought of my future unless it was me marrying some guy and having kids. You know what dad? You didn’t think about my future so you are not going to be in it. I hope you are happy and I’m sorry that you are such a loser. Stop gambling you sorry piece of miserable human mass.

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