• Dear Soldier

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    Dear soldier, (defender of a country, of humanity)
    I am a nobody. A no body who sat in history class and learned about the injustice and suppression of African Americans and cried his eyes out. I felt the angry tears drop down my face after seeing picture after pictures of Jews in internment camps. I am a nobody who felt for somebody’s injustice. But I hope you will hear my voice. Please I may die an emotional death due the inhumanity in Palestine and Gaza. I don’t understand politics, but I understand the cry of a child as he is bombed away. So I ask you soldier, to save them, please save them. Save me. Save yourself. Because this is your chance to save your ancestors, the ones who burned, suffered and died saving you. Stop the injustice. Thank you.
    Your inner peace

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    One Response to Dear Soldier

    1. Yeah, please stop the injustice.
      July 15, 2014 at 4:33 am

      Start getting informed. Start doing something about it. Or forget your feigned empathy.



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