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    To the girl who spoke to me in the perfume shop with the flower band round her head who reminded me of a certain celebrity.

    I’m sorry I didn’t comment on how lovely your hair looked we spoke for quite sometime about different perfumes and about the rest of the customers that had previously come in before and how u didn’t mind if they were nice people..I tried to avoid eyecontact with you as you were talking as I don’t like eyecontact to much I’m quite a shy girl and don’t have any confidence but you held your gaze on me I felt it and made me actually look into your eyes we stared at eachother for what seemed like eternity your blue eyes so deep like big pools I wanted to look right into your soul…. Ok this is getting creeper than it already is… I am just saying you are stunning, beautiful, captivating, mesmerising.. your laugh wowwwww, your eyes oh my goddddd, there is something about you I can’t get out of my head you certainly made an impression on me.

    You are not the type of girl I would normal look twice at because I have a preference but you..there was something that captured me right from the moment I locked eyes with you.

    maybe it was your laid back cool free spirt nature the way you wore the flowers on your head like someone else I think is really cool. The way you laughed and smiled at me and talked like we had known eachother all our lives.

    Either way I’m not sure if u are even into girls I’m not going to stalk you or any of that shit I was just laid here trying to go to sleep and couldn’t get your face out of my mind and then it dawned on me I never comment oh how your hair looked nice like that and I thought it was really cool.. You were really cool to talk to.

    Peace out.

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