• for the only one who call me angel

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    Dear Bellmar,

    I’ve been thinking why you called me “angel”…
    After 11 yrs, I realized… yeah, “angel- someone you could never have, someone you adore from a distance. A product of your imagination”

    I love you. A kind of love that maybe will stay in my heart for a long time but i wish it’ll be gone soon. It’s a quite destructing kind of love that made me did some foolish things just to get your attention. Yes, I accept the friendship your brother had offered just to track you.
    I tolerated all his lies just to annoy you and it’s too late for me to realize that using him could backfire me.
    Ah! I’m so stupid. But some things can’t be undone so be it.
    I just have to accept that no matter how great is my love for you or how great is your love for me, we’re just simply not meant for each other.


    Wish me good luck!

    broken angel

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