• Dear Boys that have Crossed my Mind in the Past 24 Hours

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    Dear Misha,

    This is my goodbye letter to you. However it won’t be that long because I can’t allow myself to make it that long. The tables have turned and feelings have shifted. Roles were exchanged and the power has gravitated into my hands, begrudgingly honestly, because I don’t want anything to do with you. Just because you moved to where I live doesn’t mean I want to see you. Just because there aren’t other girls around doesn’t mean you can attempt to use me. But I always deserved better and have finally realized that. You brought me down for so long and I only want to go up from here. So, deuces.

    Dear Will,

    Stop fronting. Stop being too cool for shit. I think we both know there is a mutual interest there, but I suppose you’re with your girlfriend now, so I’ll write you off. I have given you far too much attention, and for that, I need to move on. Maybe someday, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Dear Jacob,

    I feel like our souls are connected. You look beyond what a lot of people don’t, and see things that are difficult to see. However, you are who you are and I am who I am. Perhaps the universe will draw us together, who knows. I sure as hell don’t. I still owe you a drink, by your accord. I think we need to pretend that we’re not both going back to school in a month and spend time together. Lots of time together. The type of time you spend with someone where you don’t feel seven hours go by. Then eight. Then nine. When we got drinks one night and dinner the next, my mouth literally hurt from smiling so much. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened to me. Because of that, I think it is necessary for us to both hang out again. So answer your damn phone. Because life is going by at an astronomical speed, and we don’t have all day to sit around and wait for one of us to text the other. Call me and tell me you want to see me because you liked how my skin felt and you couldn’t stop smiling either. Tell me that you want to wake up next to me and kiss me before I go to work for 12 hours. I work for twelve hours everyday. if anything, THAT is incentive to be upfront. Time is not necessarily my best friend, but definitely not my enemy. That being said, call me, text me back, hit me up on Facebook. Lets live these next few weeks like we have no worries, and do whatever the fuck we want. I think we should. Like I really think we have to just go and do it.

    Dear British Guy,

    Thanks for talking to me for two hours and making out with me outside of the bar last night. Your vibe looks really good on you.


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