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    You called me today. To tell me you finally made her your girlfriend. I knew it before you called…I thought either he will tell me once again how angry he is with me about the way I treated him though our breakup or he will tell me that he has finally made her his.
    You did both,
    I am glad you have found happiness honestly. But I don’t feel it is true with her.
    I’m sorry I’m just being honest.
    After our break up we found replacements for each other. My replacement ruined your idea of me. Destroyed what you had thought of me. If only I had never told you. But would you had found out?
    I remember being drunk on the beach. God that was beautiful. The sky, the water, you. Us. I don’t believe our run is over. You called me to tell me about her but once again you brought up the past…why must you always do that?
    I know you don’t want me to “take it the wrong way” but I don’t believe you would say if it inside you didnt remember and miss it and want it. Your head may be telling you that you have to be wrong. But I know your heart is in a battle with what you want.
    You tell me to move on, to not bring it up.
    But it is you who does every time
    It is because you and I are not finished.
    You and I never did our camping trip.
    You and I never had our special moments because we were too consumed with other parts of our lives.
    You say maybe one day..in the future
    Does that mean you already know you will not last with your new girlfriend?
    But honestly I’m not here to talk about her.
    I asked you about our connection those last nights we had together. That was love.
    True and complete love like I had never felt.
    I cannot watch those videos because I feel us through it. We are not done. You know it.
    But you don’t trust me enough to believe it.
    I will continue to move on in my life.
    I hope to find someone who will worship me. Share with me that beautiful connection. I will find it and you will realize ours.
    I’m not sure how it will be the first time I see you after all this time. I plan to be beautiful. I want you to look at me and feel our love. Like I know you would if I was there.
    I am not mad. And I am not sad. But I believe deep down inside you and I are not finished..and I believe you feel it too.
    For now I feel a relief..relief that I no longer have to try and make you hang onto my memory
    Because I will always be there.
    Until then, I will be finding my own love within myself and who knows..maybe someone will find love within me.

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