• Karma

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    Why must I think of you still? It’s been 15 years since you wrote me off. I’ve had 2 children, I’m married to a wonderful loving man that deserves my full heart. Yet, here you are, annoyingly taking up space there that should belong to him. What will it take to evict you? I love him, and I love you.

    You’re married, a child on the way. I’m filled with joy for you. I love your wife, she is perfect in every way for you and makes you so happy. I would do anything for her, your child, anyone you love. You’ll be an amazing father. I hold you on an altar, I love you too much to ever be mad, or jealous or wish anything but the best for you.
    But I do occasionally experience a sadness knowing I can never tell you that I Love you even if it is honorable in its intention. The time for us is long past, and wasn’t meant to be. You taught me how to love and that I was worth being loved in return and for that, I am eternally grateful.
    I’m glad that I can still see you. Hold you at arms length. See that your happy, your dreams are coming true and I smile to myself gratefully knowing I made the right choice. I never could have been what you needed. You may never know the depth of the love I’ve held for you.
    Thank God my husband seems to understand in quiet and patient way, and also loves you reverently. You were both of our best friends in the world.
    We are behind you, silently rooting for you. Holding you up. We’ll always be there got you. This part I think you know.
    Good luck old friend.
    I love you. A part of me hopes you know

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