• For K, love N :)

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    The fog of delusion clouding the truth in my mind is finally subsiding. Sometimes it drifts back in, but there are more cloudless days than not, and I think this may be the start of me getting over you. I’ve stopped kidding myself that you subconsciously want me just because you came round for sex a few times. I know it was just sex for you, a good time, a bit of naughtiness. For me it was much, much more. I was in love with you. I still am. I’m not convinced it’s going to go away any time soon, but I’m currently starting to make peace with the fact that you don’t want me, and I think it’s for the best. I hope we don’t lose touch now that your life is finally getting back on track, but I hope you will allow me some time to get over you first. There is someone else in my life that I really could fall for. He’s a fantastic guy who treats me with the utmost respect, and he really, REALLY likes me. He lives at the opposite end of the country and is a carer for two disabled family members, plus he has health problems of his own, so it may not happen between us any time soon if at all, but I think he can help me to move on, and I’d be a damn fool not to persue him when his circumstances have changed. Anyway K, you’re amazing. You truly are, and I really hope this new job is the turning point in your life, and that things begin to go your way from now on. You haven’t treated me amazingly, but i know it wasn’t done purposely or with malice. I still love you and want you to be happy. So happy for you with regards to landing that job! I really, truly am. Well done! I hope we can catch up at some point, and that I can keep the delusional mind-fog at bay.

    Love, N

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