• You wanted a good time…I only wanted you..

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    Dear “Friend”,

    Every since you’ve been gone..the whole 8 months of your deployment..Every night my heart was breaking, and tears wouldn’t stop falling. Thinking about all the wonderful things you could be doing overseas all the interesting sights you’d be seeing… while Waiting for a reply to emails, calls, texts..and never hearing a pin drop..the whole 8 months..was bringing me down…

    and now that you’re back..and saying you’re in love with someone else you met in your division..its the same outcome for me..every night my heart is still breaking..and the tears keep falling..

    why did I ever answer the phone?

    I don’t deserve any of this..not after all that was given..not after sleepless nights of helping you study for your military entry exam, the cards, the gifts, letters, support…and even more so..given away to someone who was just there in the heat of the moment who could never care for you the way I did and still do.

    It’s not that I ever gave a damn about the material stuff..I had only hoped that you would live up to being a friend..at the least.

    I don’t know if someone who would do the things you do could ever have true happiness..but I now know I have it for myself..and without you..when I thought I never could..and the truth is..I’m beginning to like who I am without you.

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