• Sweet Sixteen

    by  • July 8, 2014 • Trust • 0 Comments

    Hey it’s me. i find it a little strange, because we didn’t know each other for that long, but I miss you. We had a really sudden connection, i think we both saw quickly how intense it could get. That’s not why I disappeared, well not completely. I can see now you were the right choice for me, and I think you still are. my relationships with women have always been…complicated, so please understand that some of the disconnect between us was just me being awkward. Truth is, aside from a few friends and work associates, I don’t even talk to girls unless I’m interested in them, and aside from one romantic encounter you were the first girl I have talked to in years. You have had my attention ever since the first night we made eye contact…I know it was only a second, maybe two at the longest, but it seemed so much longer. I want you. Bad. I can’t count how many boners you’ve given me, I can’t think straight when I’m around you. I wish I knew you better. I wish I had your number. I wish I had a way of contacting you without feeling like a creeper. Mostly I wish I had a second chance with you. I think we have crazy potential. We’ve made a pretty good team in the past no? Let’s figure something out. From miles away you are driving me crazy!

    – Jimmy S.

    PS: Sorry I didn’t want to go rock climbing with you…I have a thing with Heights

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