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    Dear Soul mate,

    I know you are there, you were always there! I still remember the first time I’ve met you 8 years ago. You were wearing this blue dress. I knew from that moment that there is something special about you. We really didn’t get to know each other on that day, but I waited and I was hoping to get to know you. Finally more than a month after the first time I saw you we became friends. It was special, it was kind of serendipity because I finally met you again but this time it was in different country. That was the most memorable and happiest 4 months of my life that I always wanted to go back. I knew I have this feelings for you, maybe it was love, well I thought It was love. Yes, I fell in love. But we were just friends. For the last 8 years things have been different from what I’ve dreamed of. We had our own lives, had a career, lived in different places and traveled the world, we were with someone else, we were never together and love had a different meaning. But I know you are there, you were always there. For the last 8 years I still kept on thinking about you. What if I loved you more, what if I tried more and what if I did something more?? Will I spend that last 8 years with you?

    I know you are there, you were always there but do you really exist or you are just a dream? A dream that is too good to be real.

    Dear Soul mate, I love you and I will always love you. Maybe you are not for me, maybe not in this lifetime but in another lifetime I will find you soul mate. But if you are there if you’re real and if you exist I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


    Your Soul mate

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