• To R from T

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    I’ve never written on here before, though you showed me this place nearly 2 years ago (even if you were very drunk at the time!) I’ve followed this place and sometimes even wondered if you ever write on here?
    We’ve had such an up and down ‘4 and a half years (wow has it been that long!)’
    It’s been … amazing, exhilarating, confusing, loving, emotional, heartbreaking … but the biggest range of emotions I think I’ve ever felt for one person in such a space of time.
    And now how do I feel?
    I try to reason it, I try to explain or comprehend it, I mainly try to justify it endlessly in my mind and my heart.
    I don’t think any of that works, I think there is only one answer to it and only one true conclusion now … I love you.
    It probably would never work, I would never expect you would want it and I can’t even imagine how much stress there would be on us if we were to be together, I don’t know whether we would make it. But I dream of us being together every night, that we would make it and that we would be happy together.
    When I look in your eyes it’s all I want … I just wish i knew what was in your mind, your heart and your eyes too, I wish you would tell me, though I could never bring myself to ask you directly

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