• Thank You

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    The day I told you about my life, you said “oh :(“. When I joked about the frowny face, you said it felt a little more personal. You told me you thought you knew everything about me from the last 3 years, and I laughed. You told me you were sorry for the way everyone treated me, and that my old best friend was mean. You told me you would always be my friend, my brother. You told me that you intended to keep that promise, unlike everyone else. And for a while, you did. You helped me with little problems, and I helped you with yours, and everything was okay and fine and happy. Our friends were being dramatic and you and I would sit off to the side and laugh about God knows what, just like we always did. Then you remembered about your old friend, and talked to her for hours that weekend. You came back with new friends, people who days before you said you couldn’t stand. You came back with a new arrogance and set of morals unlike any I would’ve thought my brother could have. You came back with a new you, a better you to most. This new you, though, destroyed the people you said you cared about. This new you caused countless fights and unnecessary tension between every friend we had, and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore. I confronted you, told you that I was well on my way to hating you, and for a while, my best friend came back. You didn’t make fun of my weight anymore. You didn’t call me names or hit me anymore. You didn’t blow me off. You bought me a teddy bear. Then you remembered your friend was leaving to somewhere across the globe soon, and you wouldn’t see her for a month. My friend left again, just like all the others, even though he promised he wouldn’t. Even though he promised to always be there for me, and be my brother. You don’t care though. Because I’m trying again, trying to keep my friend with me no matter how hard it is, and when I told you so, you said to me, “oh.”
    So thank you. Thank you for proving to me that I was right, again and again. Thank you for many fond memories that I hope to keep with me forever. And thank you, thank you so much for being my friend before you left. It really means a lot to me.
    Sincerely yours,
    Your twin

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