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    So what does that mean anyway? Why did you call me that night and then just change your mind? I adored you, was head over heals in lust with you from the moment I met you. I spent so much time wanting to look my best when I saw you – that is why I was late. Does that matter to you? I was flattered and intimidated and very very nervous and confused. Then we stopped talking. I passed you in the parking lot while you sat inside your car. Later I saw you looking at me inside several times, I stayed busy so I did not have to talk to you or deal with your rejection. You did reject me right? Don’t deny it – you did look at me. Was it to guilt me or show me that you were disappointed. Or was I just there and not important. Do you know how upsetting it is to come home and everyone’s significant other is waiting for them and you are not there. We had the beginnings of a great love story and it is so unfair that it did not go anywhere. I was 25 and it was instant for me. Never felt that immediate pull to anyone the way that I did with you. I hate you tell me that you wish you had treated me better. I adored you, admired you and when you pulled away like that felt like I was not good enough and lost my hope. Why do that? I’ll never know now.

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