• Hey You..

    by  • July 7, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    Do you ever go back there? To our tree? Do you ever look at the moon when I’m looking too? Do you ever think that when we said ‘forever’ it should of meant forever?

    I don’t understand why after all this time I still think of you. Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe I’m just lonely & your the last happy memory of love that I have.

    I would of loved you forever. When you proposed I meant when I said yes. But I think you just thought it was a game. You never had the balls to fight for what we had. You never looked at me and felt I was worth fighting for. If you did .. You would of done so.

    I’ve experienced becoming a mum alone. This was something we said we would always look forward to. Parenthood. But you broke my heart and it never repared. I love being a mummy, I just feel sad at not having someone to share it with. I still feel angry at you for that. Although I know you have moved on and have a child of your own now… I don’t envy the woman you are now in love with, I just wish you hadn’t made the promises you made to me because you went and gave them to someone else. I take promises seriously … But you never did.

    Hey you… I’m here. Laying under our tree. The stars are out. I can see our moon. If you ever think of me.. Come lay with me. Maybe then for just a few minutes we can feel what we always promised we would have.


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