• Haze

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    After so long I still like him. It has been years, though not mAny And i still think about the guy. Sometimes people enter our lives and are just etched. He is not a reasonable match for my life. I don’t even speak to him. He is much too old for me. He probably does not even remember me! I think i was his favorite person, he wAs mine.. I loved him. I loved his eyes and his smile and the exchange of intimacy with just a stare. Every time I Iooked around there were his eyes. He looked at me in a way he looked at no one else. His eyes would shine and he lit up like a light bulb. I can’t even describe how i felt when I saw him coming up the corridors. My stomach dropped, i got light headed, my pulse fluttered 90 mph. I could hardly maintain my composure. I liked him since i first laid eyes on him.. This rAndom mAn staring at me as I ate. I looked away wondering if he noticed that i chewed my food weird or something. He was beautiful. I fear i’ll never see him again or feel that way about anyone else.

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