• Betrayal

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    I can’t believe you would do this to me! My own best friend. You and I were inseparable, then it all changed within one month. I do understand there were things I couldn’t have helped. I mean, fate is naturally going to take its course one way or another. I just wish you would have tried harder instead of just leaving me like it was nothing! We have been friends since 1st grade. We lived together for 4 years. One silly opportunity comes along and you leave just like I’m chopped liver. Out of everyone in my life you were the only one I trusted; you knew all of my secrets. You knew more than my own mom and dad knew about me. I’m working on getting over you. One day at a time. I want you to see what you have done. Be a real man and take responsibility! I’ll always love you, I wish you felt the same.

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