• A small price to pay for damage

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    To the tall one: It was me that bleached your clothes, good luck writing to “surf” for your money back.
    To the red head: I slashed your bike tyres and put salt in your sugar.
    To all of you: I wish you’d fail just once so you know what its like and stop being so cocky that you’ll get through life in your parents’ names.
    These things I did were childish and bitter, Im more than aware of this. But it was a small price to pay for what you did to me. Noone should develop mental disorders because of the people that were supposed to be your friends. And you ruined my relationship. Im not sure if I can fix this and if I cant I will never forgive any of you. Because he did more for me than any of you and we fell apart because of how stressed you made me.
    To the curly haired: you used to be my best friend, you used to actually care, so much for bros before hos. youve been treated like crap in the past and you’re letting it happen again, you deserve better but youre too dumb to see it. its your own funeral, Ive done enough. And if youd been a grownup and apologised for using my relationship as gossip material maybe we could have fixed things. But you deleted me from your virtual world, brilliant, that will make it all magically disappear. I pity you
    I pity your clique. And your “bestie” would not let you be in the situation youre in knowing what she knows but hey, feel free to live your life with rose tinted glasses. Im done!
    Hope it all works out for all of you.
    Ive come to realise you were never my friends, just people I was plonked with and forced to get along with. Good bye, its been…..interesting!

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    1. hey you
      July 8, 2014 at 4:07 am

      Happiness is not another persons responsibility. Once you know this, it will set you free.



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