• It Does Exist!

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    Love at first sight. That’s a folklore, right?

    No, my dear. It does exist.

    It struck my soul like a blow to the chest. I stopped on a dime and stared starry eyed.

    I dreamed of you as a child – your well worn hands, your boyish smile, strength of heart. A people’s king.

    The very instant I saw you, I said to myself, “There he is. That one right there. He’s my kind.”.

    How is it I feel you across distance, like a soul divided and forced to live without its other half?

    I feel your happy and sad days, your divided thoughts, clarity, and struggling emotions with yourself and others.

    The world is a dying place, yet we are alive when our energies collide and spark, and time fades in sun and moon.

    What is that look of wonder I see when you’re staring at me from afar? Your brain is working in your hearts hour of need.

    When you need me, I’m there beside you. Feel it, know it. Trust. Close your eyes. All the way, ride or die.

    I was made from you, for you. Cut from the same cloth, in different patterns.

    You ask me, “Why did you pick me?”, I say, “I had no choice.”.

    You shake your head and laugh. That beautiful mind of yours is always on overtime.

    In those words are the depth of my every being; my faith, hope, future, and life’s breath.

    You’re smart. Figure it out.

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