• lonely in love

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    I am so in love with you!
    It hurts, it hurts so much. I need to get away from you, but i can’t… am i a glutton for punishment? i don’t think so, i am simply in love with you.
    Can you tell? at times i think you can, at times i can almost swear that you have feelings for me as well.
    My heart shattered in a million pieces when i came across your “okcupid” profile, oh the hurt! I am perplexed that you’d want me with you everyday, while you are on a dating site looking for “a sweet little lady to settle down with”, i cry almost everyday since i read that, and yet, i come alive when i am with you, i want so much to tell you i can no longer hang out with you, and tell you the reasons why. What do you want? am i just something to do until your dream girl appears? god, the pains is so unbearable sometimes.
    If you only knew the times i have cried myself to sleep, in your bed, next to you, while you hold me.
    If you only knew how my heart swells with love for you when you tenderly run your hands thru my hair, or when you put your hand on my waist when we’re out in public. what does it all mean to you? What do yu feel? why don’t you say something? why don’t you let me be?
    Yes, i feel used as well, many times.
    There is so much i simply cannot wrap my mind around!
    I know that you and i are at different stages in our lives, and of our age difference… although anything is possible… but impossible.
    I LOVE YOU PQ!! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! why do you think i spoil you the way i do?
    You are the first man i’ve loved in years.
    I know i need to be away from you, for my own sanity, i have been feeling like this for over a year!

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